One More Nirbhaya, Now at Kerala : Law Student brutally Raped and Intestine taken out in Ernakulam

Stop Rape
Stop Rape

ERNAKULAM: In an act of terror and how violent our society has become this rape and murder incident is a live example. A law student about 30 years old has been killed after rape and several injury in her body.

Killer was so brutal that taken out the intestine and hanged her. Nirbhaya murder case replica is already here.

Neighbor says they did not hear any sound while Ernakulam police suspect 1-5 am is the timing of this brutal act.

The lady was staying with her mentally unstable mother who is in hospital now. Her father left them long ago and family was straggleing with finance.

With assembly poll in vicinity this issue has already been a eye catcher for all political fraternity.

Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala told reporters that investigations are on none will be speared.


“The incident is terrifying and a reminder of how such things are on the rise in Kerala and other states,” said TN Seema, a Left candidate for the May 16 polls.