Badrinath Temple Opens after Winter closure – Chardham Yatra started

Badrinath Temple - Chardham Yatra
Badrinath Temple - Chardham Yatra

Post Akshay Tritiya it is time for Hindus to visit and pay homage to Char Dham,Kedarnath,Badrinath,Gangotri & Yamunotri.

Kedernath – One of the main Jotirlinga of Lord Shiva

Badrinath / Badri Narayan / Badri Bishal – Lord Vishnu is worshiped here by the south Indian priests.

Gangotri – Source of Ganga most Holi Reiver of all as per Hindu’s believe, main source is known as Gomukh

Yamunotri – Source of Yamuna another Holi River of India

It is believed that if any one completes these four pilgrim spots and pays puja he or she is purified and will reach haven.

After six month of snow covered closure of these spots as per report published again they are open for public.