Keeping It Cool!

The Summer Trummer At The Astor


Human body is a machine after all! And like all machines it demands a coolant to counter heating be it from excessive work or heat. Significant criterion of human cooling agents, if of intake variety, is that it needs to airy and delicious. No more so than seasonal produces that can be harnessed to provide respite.

At Astor such a pleasant supply comes by way of The Summer Trummer: The Complete Summer Festival. The idea here is to make locally sourced, easily available fruits and veggies be the hero. But make no mistake – the pickings are not slim or weak but far from it – a 4 course affair, if you please.

Look no further than Watermelon gazpacho to flag off – shot-glasses cleverly smeared on the inside with curd holds one of my favorite cold soups. Choices are of course galore in Cucumber Mint Frappe, Green Apple Mint Cooler, Caramel Nut Crunch Frappe, Herbal Flavored Iced Tea which can be taken in by salads – Florida Salad (Grapefruit, Pineapple, Apple, Celery, Acidulated cream and Lettuce), Nicoise Salad or  Guava, Mango slaw.
Salads can be given able accompany to sandwiches – Grilled Creamy Spinach and Corn on Milky White Bread, Grilled Chicken and Egg Salad on Brown Bread or  steamed Vietnamese cold roll.
Desserts include Grilled Polenta cake with chunky watermelon salsa, Kulfi Malai Tikka with Star Fruit Chutney, Sitaphal Kulfi with Falooda, Chilled Mango Chennar Payesh and the Narkoli Malai Sandesh among others.

Speaking about the Summer Trummer, Executive Chef, Amlan Bose said, “The Summer Trummer glorifies everything that is summer. Everything is light and gives people a cooling effect. Even the calorie count has been regulated”

On Till June 21; 12 – 3.30 pm & 7.30 -11.45pm
Pocket pinch for two is Rs 1000 plus taxes.