Kids Go Round The World In 5 days

5-day Summer camp for kids at Park Plaza
5-day Summer camp for kids at Park Plaza

30 kids aged 3 to 13 pitched tents, splashed in pools, handcrafted beach bags and flip-flops, while going round the world visiting mountains, beaches, desert, jungles and ice-age as part of a 5-day summer camp conducted by Ryan and Natalie in Park Plaza that concluded today.
Each kids were given passports to have them stamped on corresponding icon-pictures done by themselves in pastel, post their visit.
And if those visits were not enough, they had more fun by way of Zumma dancing, learning table-manners through Natalie, Arabian belly dancing through Rhea and ‘animal freeze’ through Ryan and a quiz show to top it.
But perhaps they enjoyed best where their moms or grand-moms feared worst – eating. “Not only they had happily munched without habituated supervision, they came back for seconds and yet some for thirds”, said Ryan while presenting a collage of their activities.
Most of the bunch are gearing up for a second outing from May 30 to April 3, perhaps you may join them too.