Veerappan Team Visits Cal

Veerappan Team In Calcutta
Veerappan Team In Calcutta

A grossly mis-managed presscon marred the scheduled interaction with the Verappan Team at ILead.
Reaching about 1&1/2 hours behind the appointed time which by now somehow has become the standard of arrivals at these do, all we got to hear was of Ram Gopal’s diligent research which he carried through reliable intermediaries.
Be it Lisa Ray who plays a spy or Sandeep Bharadwaj and Usha Yadav who essay Verappan and his wife, Muthulakshmi respectively, the song remained the same.
Both of the title-role players didn’t seek to visit the protagonist’s family – like I said they had too much faith in RGV’s notes besides mouthing usual platitudes.
Sandeep of course could not be expected to meet V, so relied completely n RG’s narration. And though Usha did not meet V’s wife who is very much alive she voiced her apprehension of how closely her mannerism would mimic the living being and how she be perceived by her.
There was not much to know in this 30 mins conference except that Lisa suffered from a minor ankle-sprain during the shoot.