Doctor’s Question To PM Modi – “We the Doctors” needs your attention

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Doctor Abir Roy has sent a message received from his friends in WhatsApp Group.

A very pertinent question raised by the Doctors and we are publishing the same as received in WhatsApp IBG NEW Group.

Think from the Doctor’s point of view and really it has point to be noted.

Not only Doctors every citizen of this great nation should contribute to the society and make her a “Golden Bird” once again.

Letter written to PM as expressed in the message:

Dear Prime Minister Ji,

Sadar Pranaam.

It was heartening to watch you deliver the speech on the completion of 2 years of NDA in Parliament.

While many points made feel proud of India under NDA rule, I was, as a doctor surprised, at the constant references to Doctors in your speech.

Sir, a man becomes a doctor based on his own study and also pays the fees as is demanded of him. It is due to the presence of the “traineee doctor” that many medical colleges can function and provide the yeoman service that they do.

A Govt hospital is made for the public to provide facilities to the public and with the staff employed there purely for that matter. The Junior doctors who are there are playing a vital role in the “functioning” of the hospital. SO it would be FALSE to say that GOVT spends on the doctors and HENCE doctors must payback to the society!!!!

As opposed to this Every govt engineering college or other professional colleges which the govt gives grants, has just one aim, that is to provide for the education of the student.

These NON doctors DO NOT have any “payback” to the society, while taxpayers money surely is also spend on training IIT graduates who leave India at the first opportunity. But they are NEVER called upon to give some Payback to India!!!!

The doctor after graduation, is also Nowadays asked to serve a bond of 1 yr service to the state where he has been educated. So this TOO serves as a PAYBACK to the society.

what about the others?

when a doctor starts his small nursing home, He gets NO help in the govt schemes,or a reduced rate of interest for his hospital loans, or equipments, and even if the data from his nursing home, especially of the OBGYN ( Gynecologists ) is used to talk about services provided by the GOVT!!!!!

If the Gynecologists dont get ANY help in setting up his practice, which is his profession, why does he need to be the ONLY one to shoulder the responsibility of delivering a patient free on 9th of every month?

In your speech you made a reference about the free delivery to the poor and needy on the 9th of every month?

BUT does a FREE delivery ensure a healthy pregnancy?

WHY not take care of the pregnant patient when she is carrying?

WHY not rope in the Hotel industry, the grocers, the IT guys, the pharmacists, the traders, and the employers, in this fold too!!!!

WHY just make the doctor burdened with this!

Surely you can “ask” the various industries and establishments and professionals to `”take care of the pregnant lady” by such day schemes

Everyday in their small clinics and Nursing homes, Doctors do charity, by taking No charges or less charges from the patients. Finally all said and done a life saved by a doctor itself is Priceless……and so in every way possible doctors do charge less when the patients are poor.

But have you heard the same about any Engineer? or IT guys, or Chartered accountants?

Today in India ONLY 25% of the population pays TAXES and among them, Doctors are a good majority

BUT Have the banis, traders grocer community every given bills? or paid taxes?

The grocer in every village usually earns more just by smart alec methods and earns many times more for the food grains he sells, while the farmer who sows the seeds and reaps the grains is forced to commit suicides due to erratic monsoon etc

Have you ever thought of telling the various tradesmen to “Honestly Pay Taxes?

OR asked any engineer to plan electric supply to the villages?
or water supply to the parched parts of India?

BY comparison, a plain MBBS doctor who is in a PHC does a lot of work and allleviates the ailments of the populaiton around him

That too within the given “inadequate” infrastructure of the PHC

WHY not make the PHCs a complete unit with
machinery help from industries
manual help from the various professionals
medical help from doctors and specialists who will definitely go and serve there is the infrastructure is adequate?

Again a free delivery is NOT going to absolve a doctor of any medicolegal liability, just because it is a scheme launched by the GOI?

A doctor will give his services free, or even a bed in his nursing home, BUT who will pay for the medicines, or the sutures etc

Today OBGYN have not only carried out the deliveries in their small nursing homes, but the Clinical Establishment act is all SET to ring the death knell of these small nursing homes, run by qualified doctors who provide better care than most District hospitals.

BUT in return they have to face the largesse of the Hospital registering authorities, the online registration of births, deaths and give their record of MTP and delieveries to the government,

Have any Govt thought of making the PHCs complete?
or of making the “5 star” corporate hospitals which come up on govt sanctioned leased land with paltry payments, declare their free beds and submit them to audit?

Sir it would do good to make the permanent PHCs into better places of healthcare than devise such dubious schemes like free delivery on the 9th of every month.

I would go ahead and ask, why not rope in the
IT guys
financial professionals
into the govt schemes and make then “PAYBACK” to the country like the doctors do?

WHY should doctors be the ONLY one to SHOULDER such schemes.?
Dr Parag Patil , New Mumbai

****Forwarded by Dr. Abir Roy with note:………..Forwarded as received from other group⁠⁠⁠⁠

We do not claim any authenticity of the letter but content and questions raised we do feel very pertinent to the cause. *****