Bratyajon International Festival’s 5th Edition Till June 5

Announcement Of 5th Bratyajon International Festival
Announcement Of 5th Bratyajon International Festival


Within a short span of 4 years Bratyajon International Festival’s has notched up quite a reputation for itself being the only International theatre festival of its kind. The ongoing 5th edition, till June 5, is no different.

For the first time in the city we’ll get to witness a production from Egypt, Africa and that too as an opening act. Lahza (The Moment) by Elhanger Group is adopted from Strindeberg’s The Stranger and its director Habib Mohammed though sparse in his capacity of speaking English was overjoyed by the prospect of performing in this city.

Other International productions include Speak, Leda & Wonderland directed by Verity Danbold (Little Wild Bird, England), To Save Kammerunker Pushkin by lLosif Raykhelgauz (Moscow Dramatic Theatre, Russia) and Duras Resistante by Maud Andrieux (Company Du Barrage, France).

Indian theatre is not all neglected of course and we’ll get to experience Bidesia by Sanjay Upadhyaya (Nirman Kala Mancha, Patna), Ila Gurheisha by Debasis (Theatre Platform, Kolkata)  and Bratya Basu, the Convenor will be seen welding his baton to three productions – Meghe Dhaka Tara (Naihati Bratyajon, his own production house, North 24 Parganas) , Adyo Sesh Rajani (Paikpara Indraranga) and the closing act , Mumbai Nights (Minerva Repertory, Kolkata).

Bidesia written by Bihari Thakur harnesses popular Bhojpuri song and incorporates various customs and practices of Easter region. Verity’s play address the impact of sexual assault and effects of seeking mental support. Losif’s tale entails hatred of Pushkin, the great Russian poet.

Debasish takes on the construct of Greek tragedy to protray a dark event that fills the heart of a palace. Maud’s is a one woman play with only additional vocal support by Herve Brouard intermingling two texts on Margaret Duras, the writer, French resistance fighter and  wife to a deported husband.

Bratya’s first play is an interpretation of Ritwik Ghatak’s eponymous cinema while Awdya is based on Amiya Chakraborty’s life and Mumai is Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night sieved through his idiosyncrasies.

Interspacing the festival will be Dr. Bishnu Basu Memorial Lecture on June 4 at 10. Am presented by Ashis Chattopadhyay and delivered by Gautam Mukhopadhyay.

And in the closing ceremony young theatre artists – Bindia Ghosh, Sumit Roy, Krishnendu Dewanji, antara bandopadhyay, Turna Das and Debashis Dutta.