Start Up, Stand Up Hub For Practicing Company Secretaries

CS Mamta Binani, President, ICSI With CS Passouts.
CS Mamta Binani, President, ICSI With CS Passouts.

Kolkata| June 11

Taking a cue from gubernatorial initiative of Government of India for encouraging setting up of start-ups, innovation and incubation centers, Institute of Company Secretaries of India had followed suit with CS Acceleration Centre (CSAC) at ICSI – House, Kolkata.

CSAC is a virtual facilitator hub meant for practicing Cs-es who wishes to establish their own business as practicing professionals.

CS Mamta Binani, President, ICSI speaking on the occasion said that the regional / chapter offices of ICSI with its well equipped platform with all state-of-the-art office facilities will be available to its members to start up their initial practice for professional growth. The objective of launching the CS Acceleration Centre is purely a training and academic one till they can stand on their own.

The prime objectives and scope of the new initiative are:-

  • CSACs to be used by the Practising Company Secretaries intending  to have  office facilities for dealing with their clients, where he/she  can utilize the facility, in the existing premises of Regional / Chapter offices of ICSI.
  • CSACs to help the newly inducted members by facilitating them to get an office at a nominal cost by making prior online booking (in different slots during office hours).
  • CSACs are well equipped with state-of-the Art facilities like Wi-Fi/internet, Telephone, Scanning & Printing, Video Conferencing (as and when required), Reception Desk, Reference Library, Cafeteria, Meeting Chamber(s) and other basic amenities.
  • CSACs have provisions to accommodate at least 2 to 3 CS professionals (PCS) in a single slot on advance payment basis with early confirmation in writing.