Experience Higher Yield With Monsanto SV4051AC Hybrid Monsanto Cauliflower Seeds



Dipak Mondal, Rejaul Mandal & Alom Molla had become superstar of sorts. Each were being queried animatedly by farmers from villages like Chakda, Nagarukra, Polerhat, Bhangar Barasat, Majdia, Kholapota, altogether totalling to more than 100. “Is it really that goo”, was echoed on and on.

What each said seemed more or less like this “We have been planting SV4051AC hybrid cauliflower seeds for the last two years and am very happy with the output. Not only we got higher yield but also more curd weight and excellent firmness and it withheld long distance transportability. End of day we got a higher market price.”

What they were talking about was high yielding Seminis® Cauliflower hybrid SV4051AC that’s produced by Monsanto India, a globally leading sustainable agriculture company.  At  ‘Mega Farmer meeting’ in Barasat, held recently all present were able to gather morte information of these super-seeds. Seminis® hybrid vegetable seeds offer farmers higher yield potential, quick maturity and uniformity in size, shape and colour as compared to using other seed varieties being developed keeping in mind the agronomic conditions of the region. Additionnaly farmers benefit from higher yield potential, quick maturity and uniformity in size, shape and colour as compared to using other seed varieties.

Jitendra Joshi, Zonal Manager, North & East, Monsanto, said, “The results speak for themselves –high quality curd setting, weighing between 700-800 grams, with a semi dome shape and compact size of the curd. It has an attractive white color curd with good firmness. Excellent plant vigor with bluish green color and semi erect plant architecture has been another quality unanimously reported by farmers. Needless to say we have seen an overwhelming response from the farmers in West Bengal as this region is a very good market for the tropical cauliflower.”

Here farmers also learned a scientific sowing method which is during July to August with an ideal nursery management for about 20-25 days. They were also advised to follow spacing method for cauliflower cultivation in main field, besides following proper pest and disease management practices and ensuring proper fertilization for optimum yields.

Monsanto stays with the farmers all the way guiding them on the best agronomic practices from time to time.