“Style is intrinsic, while fashion is external” : Rajat Kapoor

Style Blender Rajat Kapoor at Blenders Pride Reserve collection.
Style Blender Rajat Kapoor at Blenders Pride Reserve collection.


Every individual comes with its own distinct flavours, so does a whisky, the intake preferences of which are no less myriad. And if that man is as distinguished as Rajat Kapoor and the whisky in question is Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection, the match is teeth to tails.

Unconventional to the core Rajat said at a select gathering ““I have certain sensibilities. I refer myself to certain types of cinema, I am inclined to such genre of films. This is the way I am.” In his ideology there’s no small or big roles – it’s just good or bad ones. So he’s very much open to do even a “one minute role”.

Speaking about his life journey earlier on the dais he said he started in theatre and debuted in cinema with Kumar Shahani’s Khayal Gatha (1989). Troubles in finding acting jobs, he veered towards writing and directing shorts eventually leading to his directorial debut with Raghu Romeo (2004) under Nasseruddin Shah’s banner. He had know him for 22 years now and been a co-actor in many films. Talking about Shah he revoked Shakespeare , which was almost inevitable.  “Naseerji had said once that without Shakespeare there would be no Bollywood. He has invented many complex characters, so many layers,” he said.

A big part of his journey is unexpected results. “Often I have worked on story lines and scripts where we end up with results which were way beyond initial imagination. What I learnt and carried with me was that success doesn’t necessarily mould an artist’s journey; a person’s own experiences, originality and style keeps him constantly inspired to produce unconventional cinema.”

On Style? Kapoor is not very fashion conscious but has a personal style. “I am not at all fashion conscious. Fashion and style are two different things. Style is intrinsic, while fashion is external.”

Believing in uniqueness and distinctiveness has fuelled his style and contributed to my personality. Well the same can be said of Blenders Pride Reserve Collection.