World’s Smallest And Lightest Pacemaker Implanted In Kolkata

Smallest Pacemaker
Smallest Pacemaker


A city 83-year old city patient became the recipient of what’s being claimed as world’s smallest and lightest pacemaker this June 14 and it came about to assuage his discomfort from the traditional contraption. The patient whose name is withheld became the first recipient in Kolkata and only second in India to receive so.

Smallest Pacemaker
Smallest Pacemaker

Being old the conventional pacemaker created an issue with wire that was connected to heart. The doctors then felt that the capsule device would be most suitable.

The said device – Micra TPS is the size of a American penny – actual dimensions being 25.9 mm in length and 6.7 mm in outer diameter weighing only 1.75 gm instead of 10 gm of conventional device. Volume-wise its only 1.8 cc compared to 10 cc requiring less than 1 volt to run. Its pro-magnetic, will cause no infection as the outer shell is made of titanium. Once fitted the battery wii last for 10.4 years.

  1. K. Hazra Interventional Cardiologist, who lead the implantation said, “The procedure is non-invasive where the capsule is transported via femoral vessel because of wider girth right to the elected position.” Pointing to the a/v he noted, ”The whole process takes less time than our presentation video”, further adding, “The patent need not be hospitalized but the 83-yr old was put under 3-4 days observation owing to his age.”

So far 725 cases have been resolved with a failure rate of only 0.1% and had exhibited no complications on animal testing.

The only underside – Micra TPS VVIR 3 Tesla MRI compatible costs 5.5 L compared to 1.5 L and the total procedure may cost 7.5 L.

“With more such cases the price will be competitive vis-a-vis ease and service”, assured, DR. Hazra.