Dhaka Update – Fight over with 5 Killed and one caught alive 1,13 Hostage rescued,ISIS Terror claimed responsibility

Dhaka Terror - Holey Artisan Bakery Picture Credit twitter @DailyMirror
Dhaka Terror - Holey Artisan Bakery Picture Credit twitter @DailyMirror

At last fight is over against terror at Dhaka,Bangladesh. Security forces has cleared the place with 5 terrorist dead,one caught alive along with 15 unfortunate hostage including 3 foreigners. All hostage taken for medical attention at trauma care units of Hospitals.

Red Alert has been issued to all over Bangladesh. A massive search operation is underway.

Wake up call for all civilized peace loving people of the world. Please do not waste time to plan and discuss this is the high time to fight against terror of any form. Let’s unite and take action against all such forces.

ISIS claims the responsibility for the Dhaka Terror strike. Larger conspiracy and further terror is on the way and surely that will shake the world if not counter measure taken right now.

Gulshan Holey Artisan Bakery a well known place for Diplomats and their families to be in the free time is no more a Dhaka famous is now a point of discussion in every where for the reason of this terror strike.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told “Terror has no religion” already ordered for a high profile prove and intelligence surveillance for remaining support stuffs and part of the terror team in rest of Bangladesh.

Our local souces says :”The whole situation is very much horrifying and we are worried about the future of our country.The terror of ISIS is covering the whole world it would be difficult to say we will return home after job any day.”

Common people of Bangladesh is very much angry and saying during Holy Ramadan month killing of innocent people is not accepted by All Mighty.

Dhaka incident shows that all world is under terror scanner and you never know where it would be next. Istanbul, Kabul,Kashmir then Dhaka where the next terror would strike you never know.

Let’s unite against any fanatic group globally and uphold the humanity and peace.