A rare Indian Politician Surajit Roy Choudhury – Working for the people with selfless attitude

Surajit Roy Choudhury - Counselor SDDM Ward 9
Surajit Roy Choudhury - Counselor SDDM Ward 9

It was raining heavily in the morning at Dum Dum most of us was enjoying the monsoon with a hot cup of tea. A welcome rain for all.

Newly built road at Motijheel Avenue under ward no #9 of South Dum Dum Municipality was going to be flooded as the outlets of footpaths through which rain water passes, was blocked.

As usual municipal people were on holiday, as it is Sunday.But one man was busy with a different kind of task; he is non other than the counselor of ward no #9, Shri Surajit Roy Choudhury, popularly known as Tyabla.

He took the initiative himself to clear the bottle necks and make sure no water clogs there.

When we saw him, as a journalist, we were about to take pictures for a possible local hit news;he requested and said “Please, I do not want it to be shown as in an attempt to get people attention. This my duty and I am just doing that.Nothing special about it”. Sorry we could not stop to show this picture to all as this is the thing we are looking from all the public representative but highly unlikely to see every now and then.

We wish him all the best and sorry for not keeping your request in larger interest of the people to see what most of them has missed.

A rare kind of attitude hardly found with any active political leaders in vicinity.

Earlier also on the 31st Dec 2015 when every one was busy to enjoy he was busy to monitor the progress of the work for development of the new drainage system in the area.

Please see the picture man sat on the ground none other than the counselor himself.