Blast in Eid Namaz in Bangladesh – Second Mukti Youdho (Freedom Fight) needed, Devils advocates can’t be followers of Allah

Baitul Mukarram - Dhaka National Mosque
Baitul Mukarram - Dhaka National Mosque

A complete intelligence failure and security laps or Bangladesh has gone under terror control. Terror group can do any thing at their will??

Answer is not clear but some thing must have gone wrong at core. The country who never stood back to stand against the wrong intents; be it the Mukti Yudho (fight for freedom) or fight for the dear mother tongue a Bangladeshi is the most dedicated for the definite cause for their nation and history will stand by them.

Right from the British then from Pakistan they have taken their motherland in to heights of glory and it will continue to do so;I strongly believe that. I have personally lived in that country for couple of years and can vouch for them as one of the best people on the earth; if treated as friend they can go miles for you to help one or two different kind of people are there but not at large, well atleast that was the time when I was there and who I know.

But I do not know this Bangladesh; where people are killed during Eid Namaz, one of the holiest act of religion and that is under threat.

Ask any Hindu of Bangladesh or even any other religion in the world every one will condemn the act from core of the heart. But the six people detained by security personal are calling them Muslim!!! This is some thing implanted in Bangladesh and not a core value of any Bangladeshi.

Dear Bangladesh and your beloved people, You need to pull up your shocks and tell the world once again Mukti Yodha are still in your heart and none can stop your country in the ways & means of terror.

I have always taught my students to be a honest and gentleman of highest order. Now this is pay back time at least you all get together against the terror and make sure each one of you convince ten friends each and let them carry that to further ten of their friends and so on;lets unit against the terror.

What ever you have with that stop this devil from further strengthening of their clause.

Kishoreganj is just one example that terror do not belong to any religion and they are not following Islam. Devils advocate can not be followers of All Mighty Allah.

Prosenjit Chatterjee and Aamir Khan expressed disappointment over blast in Eid Namaz.