Manjul and Rohan To The Rescue Of A Leopard

Book Cover of 'Leapord in the Laboratory'.
Book Cover of 'Leapord in the Laboratory'.
Those who were quite taken up by the striking friendship between Manjul and Rohan in Anjana Basu’s ‘In the Shadow of Leaves , the first book in the Jim Corbett series, may satiate their inquisitiveness  in the just-launched second offering, ‘Leopard in the Laboratory’.
The book was released in the presence of actor and wildlife expert Sabyasachi Chakravarty, wildlife expert Rishin Basu-Roy, social communicator Mira Kakkar, and Rahul Dey.
In the latest caper the duo go on to greater adventures with Carpet Sahib, Corbett’s ghost. And the challenge this time is to save a leopard as it is pushed out of the shrinking forests of Rudraprayag due to incessant felling of trees.
On her new title, Anjana Basu commented, “Kumaon was chosen simply because it was Jim Corbett country – the same background as ‘In the Shadow of the Leaves’. By demonstrating how wild animals and people interact, without lecturing, and through an interesting story, the message of conservation is conveyed. Leopards are very different from tigers and the combination of ghosts, leopards and children is fun to work with – I hope both children and adults will enjoy it.”
Anupama Jauhry, Head, TERI Press said, “This tussle between the innocence of the children against the rationale of adults has been magically interwoven into this story by Anjana. TERI publications address and raise awareness about the current environmental concerns plaguing our planet.
The title can be purchased from the TERI Press website, Flipkart and Amazon. The e-book version is also available on Amazon, Google books and Kindle.
Excerpt from the book:
Manjul finds a calf has been killed and people are saying that there is a leopard on the loose. While walking through the forest Manjul is cornered by the leopard. However, a mysterious man, Carpet Sahib, rescues her in the nick of time. In the aftermath of the incident, Manjul fears for the leopard.
ABOUT Anjana Basu
She was born in Allahabad and started school in London. She works as an advertising consultant in Kolkata. She has a book of short stories, published by Orient Longman, India, to her credit. The BBC has broadcast one of her short stories and her poems have featured in anthologies brought out by various publishers. This is her sixth novel and third children’s book. The first, Chinku and the Wolfboy was published by Roli and the second, In the Shadow of the Leaves by TERI. Basu has also worked on scripts with late filmmaker RituparnoGhosh for many of his films, most notably Antarmahal and The Last Lear.
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