India be careful – 24 channels, 11 of them Pakistani origin running with out permission with illegal content on terror or hate

Dr Zakir Naik - Islamic Leader
Dr Zakir Naik - Islamic Leader

Controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik, accused of inspiring last week’s killing of 20 hostages in Bangladesh, the Government of India has made it clear that the broadcasting of unlicensed channels will be urgently checked and penalized with legal action on such activities.

Dr Naik’s channel, Peace TV, broadcasts from Dubai and is now banned in India but some cable operator download the content and then broadcast it for subscribers.

As many as 24 channels, 11 of them Pakistani origin, are illegally made available in different parts of the country, as per Intelligence Bureau opinion, underscoring that they have been flagging this content as dangerous propaganda in recent years.

These contents are available in YouTube who have been asked to remove them quickly, said sources.

Earlier The Bangladesh government has said that Dr Naik’s speeches inspired some of the seven young men who burst into a Dhaka cafe and hacked foreigners to death.

Dr Naik, who has been in Mecca on a religious trip this week, has in a WhatsApped video statement said he cannot be blamed for the terror strike.

But the Centre has top investigators reviewing speeches of his CDs now to determine if he tacitly or otherwise urged acts of terror. The 50-year-old televangelist is banned from entering the UK and Canada.

Venkaiah Naidu, the Information and Broadcasting Minister, met with top officers from his own department along with members of the Home Ministry and intelligence agencies today.

Please do not link any individuals activity as related to any religion as a whole if any one is guilty must be under the law and its preview.

Zakri Naik and his speech is under microscope for alleged for Bangladesh Killing inspiration.