Sun Rise in Arunachal Pradesh for Congress – SC disqualifies Governor’s dismiss order as illegal

Nabam Tuki - CM Arunachal Pradesh

Once again after Uttrakhand Modi administration had again a face loss in Supreme Court on Governor dismiss order of the state congress led government.

The Supreme Court today said the governor’s action to dismiss the Congress led government in Arunachal Pradesh as was illegal.

Since 26th January 2016, Arunachal Pradesh has been under President’s Rule.

CII-Arunachal Pradesh CM
CII-Arunachal Pradesh CM Meet 28 May Kolkata 15

The Nabam Tuki-led Congress government had been dismissed by the Governor following days of turmoil after 21 MLA rebelled against the then chief minister.

The leader of the rebel faction,Mr.Kalikho Pul, was sworn in as chief minister on 19 February, with the support of the 20 Congress rebels and 11 legislators of the BJP.