Sun Rise in Bengal – Mamata Banerjee strict on rule of Law,Bidhan Nagar Counsellor Anidya Chattopadhaya sent to jail custody

Mamata Banerjee
Mamata Banerjee

One of the common complaints against the TMC government of West Bengal was interference of Party in to the administration activity; specially police is inactive against TMC backed criminals.

But the incident of Salt Lake Counsellor’s arrest surely a sign of democratic government is in power in West Bengal.

Police arrested Anindya Chattopadhaya, counsellor of Ward No #41, on a charge of extortion money claimed from Bangladesh Prime Minister related person in Saltlake for extending the house. This was a common practice with not only Anindya but also at every person with some political power across party line.

But this time sun has started rising from the east again, CM Mamata Banerjee executing her administrative authority instructed Bidhan Nagar police to act as per law. Hence Anindya before he could understand what went wrong is behind the bar. IPC section 384, 385, 386, 387,388,389 & 34 has been framed as charges against him.

Police smoothly transfer him to court and got 14 days jail order. No agitation no hue and cry by any partymen as they know Didi is angry over this issue.

Bangladesh PM had a chat on this with Mamata Banerjee as per sources; following this, Ms.Banerjee asked the police to take prompt action, and a letter written by the complainant was forwarded to the Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate and Bidhannagar Mayor Sabyasachi Dutta.

“This is a matter for the police. We received a complaint from the complainant and forwarded it to the police. They investigated and took action which they thought was appropriate,” Dutta said.

The complainant’s family said he did not wish to be identified.

Party leaders confirmed that the order to take “drastic action” against Chattopadhyay was given by Banerjee on Friday. “She wanted to take action against him when he was allegedly at the centre of violence against media personnel in his ward during the 2015 Bidhannagar municipal elections. But senior leaders from the area intervened. This time, she told the police brass to take drastic action against him on Tuesday — the day she left Kolkata for Darjeeling,” a leader said on condition of anonymity.

Anindya Chattapadhaya - Counsellor Ward No #41 Saltlake
Anindya Chattapadhaya – Counsellor Ward No #41 Saltlake

Now the importance of this news is not that a possible criminal has been arrested but the signal is that ruling party members are “untouchables” that message has been erased. If you can justify the crime you will get the justice and that message is for all across the Bengal.

Anidhya asked for 12 Lakhs of Indian Rupees from a resident of ward no 41 in Bidhan Nagar area. But he never expected that this is his last act in this way. MP Sudip Bandopadhaya complained to Mamata Banerjee and then she issued instruction to Bidhan Nagar police to act upon.

If this is the rule of Law then surely the purification of administration has started and a new Sun Rise in Bengal on the way. But it will only get such image if final punishment is happening. It should not be an eye wash for the time being.