Gems of YouTube City of Joy – A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata

Howrah Bridge - Calcutta in 1945
Howrah Bridge - Calcutta in 1945

This is about the documentary feature film on “the city of Joy – Calcutta” which is framed on the transition of the city from where it used to be called Calcutta to when now it is called as Kolkata.

Synopsis :
This film captures the ethos of the city right through its transformation over more than three centuries and in the process dissolves the photographs of Calcutta and Kolkata. We have tried to project the city thriving upon its huge middle class from amidst whom have perpetually risen extra-ordinary icons like educationists, scientists, artists, film makers, musicians, players and social workers and Five Noble Laureates

The story is as seen through the eyes of an NRI (Ron) who left the city when he was merely 10 years old and during the interim years did not have a chance of seeing(exploring) the city. Ron comes back to visit the city after completion of his education. This is the city where he once lived when he was a child but is most often than not the topic of discussion of his parents.

His visit kicks off with a fortunate and chance meeting with an artist who takes him for a tour of some of the historic buildings and also gives him a lesson on the history of Calcutta. He visits his father’s old friend (uncle) who asks him to stay at his house . He also does not want to miss the opportunity with her childhood girl friend Bonnie’s childhood’s memories .

The film shows some of the historic colleges, talks about religious institutions, artists, filmmakers, educationalists, scientists, musicians, etc. We bring the buzzing marketplaces like Hogg Market (now known as New Market, Barra Bazar, Bow Bazar, Bag Bazar as well the modern market like Sriram Arcade.

Throughout the film, luminaries like renowned filmmaker Gautam Ghosh, share their memories on camera on the pre-eminence of culture. A vibrant city with a distinct socio-political culture, Calcutta is noted for its revolutionary history, ranging from the Indian struggle for independence to the leftist and trade union movements.

Referred to as the “Cultural Capital of India”, “The City of Processions”, and the “City of Joy”, Kolkata has been home to luminaries such as Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mother Teresa, Satyajit Ray, Satyendranath Bose, Swami Vivekananda and many others and the film also focuses on them.

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