North Bengal facing Heavy Rain – Silliguri water logged many shops lost goods

Teesta River - Over Flow
Teesta River - Over Flow

North Bengal’s heart of business is based on Silliguri and that has been water logged due to major rain fall in last couple of days making life distressing for the locals and throwing normal life out of gear.

Siliguri has witnessed heavy rain since 20 July. In the last 24 hours, the city has received a further 138 mm of rainfall, as reported by media.

The report added that landslides took place in at least five places in the region over the last three days.

“The southwest monsoon is active over sub-Himalayan Bengal and Sikkim. That is why heavy to very heavy rain has occurred in some places. The axis of the monsoon trough at the mean sea level continues to run in the foothills of the Himalayas. There is forecast of more rainfall in the region in the next four-five days,” as source at the Regional Met Office in Jalpaiguri told.

Last month, PTI reported that routes of several trains in Siliguri were diverted after a pillar in the Sevoke Rail bridge showed cracks due to torrential rains which softened the earth at its base.

Meanwhile, torrential rains have flooded low-lying areas in Mal sub-division and inundated a large part of Jalpaiguri town, as rivers Teesta and Karala were in spate, a district official told PTI.