All for 1GB . 1GB for All.

Anil Gupta, Regional Manager – East, Aircel announcing 1GB for All.
Anil Gupta, Regional Manager – East, Aircel announcing 1GB for All.

Kolkata|, July 26|

1 GB is the operative game that Aircel is banking on to steal a march on its competitions. To make it more clear they are democratising the availability of internet usage across the demographics ranging from 47 to 248 INR (28 days validity).

And why not, data services accounts for 70% of their total revenue in their RMS of 9.3% amounting to 12 Mill.

Under new schemes exclusive to this city, ‘1GB for All’ data pack will provide 1 GB 3G data for 30 days and a tariff of 1p/s for 90 days at just Rs.101. those with higher needs can avail 1GB 3G data in the night (12 am-8am) for Rs.47 per day and 1GB 3G data for Rs. 99 with validity of three days. For youths, who want to stay online both day and night, Aircel has launched PI248 that offer 1GB 3G data during daytime and extra 1GB 3G data for night surfing (12-8am) for Rs.248 with a validity of 28 days. Aircel subscribers can also enjoy the array of truly unlimited products introduced wherein subscribers can make unlimited local Aircel calls at just Rs.299 with a validity of 28 days. With the truly unlimited portfolio customers can also avail unlimited calling to all local mobile numbers with free 500 MB of 3G data at Rs.349 for 14 days and for Rs.649 they can have unlimited local mobile calls with a validity of 28 days with free 1GB 3G data.

They have 70 company outlets to cater to customer care but ruefully they hardly experience any footfalls. Most purchases takes place from localised retails.

These are all pre-paid plans and it makes sense because out of 47 lakh customer base, which is moving north 22% YoY, Aircel has 99% pre-paid customers but they will be announcing similar plans for post-paid customers within a fortnight or so.

Addressing call-drop issues, Anil Gupta, Regional Manager – East, Aircel, said, “Our call-drops are well below the government’s regulation of 2%”. Naturally attention veered towards cell-towers and Anil supplied that they had installed 800 2G towers last fiscal bringing the Calcutta circle figure to 1,873 3G towers and plans to reprise the same number at an investment of about Rs 600-800 crore. The company reported a turnover of about Rs 120 crore for the quarter ended March 2016 from the Calcutta circle. Ready Reckoner  :  ‘1GB for All’ data products and unlimited voice packs:

Packs MRP Product Details
PI 47 (1GB for All) Rs.47 Night data (12-8 am) for one night
PI 99 (1GB for All) Rs.99 Night data (12-8) for three days
FRC 101 (1GB for All) Rs.101 1 GB 3G data valid for 30 days and a tariff of 1p/s for 90 days
Special 1GB (1GB for All) Rs.116 Segmented offer with a validity of 28 days
PI 248 (1GB for All) Rs.248 1 GB 3G during daytime (extra 1GB 3G data for night usage from 12am-6am with a validity of 28 days)
On  net @299 Rs. 299 Unlimited local on net for 28 days
RC 349 Rs. 349 Unlimited local and 500MB data for 14  days
RC 649 Rs. 649 Unlimited local and 1GB data for 28 days
STV 51 Rs.51 STD @25p/min for 28 days
STV 24 Rs.24 STD @25p/min for 10 days