Nobel Hygiene introduces Teddyy – Pant Style Diapers


Kolkata| July 29|

Nobel Hygiene pioneers and leaders in the adult diapers enjoying 65 per cent market share out of 350 Cr. INR market and the only Indian manufacturer of both adult and baby diapers introduced their latest – Teddyy Pant Style Diapers in India. They are also investing 100 Cr. INR to extend their product portfolio aiming to increase its turnover from 150 Cr. INR in 2015-16 to 200-250 Cr. INR this fiscal.

The new pant style diapers, specifically designed to Indian babies’ body forms, come in imported skin friendly materials and have been fitted with double elastic leg grippers to provide snug fit and prevent any side leakage. Manufactured in Sinnar, Nasik, using the latest in-core forming technology that allows to construct the core into three dimensional shape, which allows maximum absorbency and comfort in the state-of-the-art GDMSPA machinery imported from Italy and customised according to Indian standards, it has a top hydrophilic layer ensuring one-way flow of the liquid. It also has a breathable back sheet, which has micro pores so that hot air can come out and keep the baby skin absolutely dry to prevent any rashes or skin reaction. During manufacturing, the pulp is mixed with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), which absorbs water and converts it into gel preventing bacterial growth and helps keep baby’s skin dry for longer duration.

But apparently Indian diaper policy is not conducive to growth. Nobel Hygiene Managing Director Kamal Kr Johari rued, “ Import duty on diapers comes to 15 per cent while the duty on raw materials is 26 per cent”.  They can still fight diapers is imported from Asian countries including China only because import freight is very high which nullifies duty disadvantage. Also because “We have been in the diaper industry from the past 16 years and understand the Indian baby body type well.” Johari said adding, “With the launch of Teddyy – Pant Style Diapers, we have completed our product portfolio in the baby diaper segment as well.”

In the baby diaper segment, dominated by the MNCs brands, Nobe has 5-6 per cent share in the Rs 5,000-crore market.