PM’s remarks at the Dedication Ceremony for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Unit -1

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant - India
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant - India

PM’s remarks at the Dedication Ceremony for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Unit -1

His Excellency President Vladimir Putin,

Honourable Jayalalithaa ji, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,

Minister Sushma Swaraj ji,

Minister Pon Radhakrishnan,

My Dear Friends.



Today is indeed a special day.

Today, Excellency Putin and I have the honour to dedicate Kudankulam nuclear power plant unit-1.

I am particularly grateful to President Putin for his presence at this event.

And, I am delighted that Jayalalithaa ji, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is also present with us on this occasion.


In dedicating Kudankulum 1, we mark another historic step in India-Russia relations.

Its successful completion is not just another fine example of the strength of our special and privileged Strategic Partnership.

It is also a celebration of our abiding friendship.

And, it is only a start of our collaboration in this field.

It is perhaps not commonly known that at 1000 Mega Watt, Kundankulum 1 is the largest single unit of electrical power in India.

In years ahead, we are determined to pursue an ambitious agenda of nuclear power generation.

At Kudankulum alone, five more units of 1000 Mega Watt each are planned.

In our journey of cooperation, we plan to build a series of bigger nuclear power units.


Today’s event is also a joyful occasion for the team of Indian and Russian engineers, scientists and technicians.

We salute their dedication and hard work and congratulate them for the fruits of their labour.


The story of human development has been of wide spread technological advancement and growing economic prosperity.

But, as we all know, it has not been without burden on our environment.

I have a vision for India where achievements of our economic development are respectful to mother earth.

And, where the engines of our industrial growth are increasingly driven by clean energy.

Kundankulum 1 is an important addition to India’s continuing efforts to scale up production of clean energy in India.

It also signals our joint commitment to build pathways of partnership for green growth.

Excellency President Putin,

The success of our joint efforts in nuclear power generation is a proud achievement of our cooperation.

It demonstrates our common resolve to keep our ties firm and steady.

Above all, it showcases your personal commitment, consistent support and strong leadership in transforming the substance and character of our relationship.

For this, I am grateful to you Mr. President.

The people of India associate naturally and with great ease with the people of your great country.

And, personally, I have always deeply valued our friendship.

It is, therefore, only fitting that today we join together to dedicate the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1 to the strength and vigour of our friendship and cooperation.

Long live Indo-Russian friendship!

I once again thank you Excellency Putin for joining me in this dedication.

Also, my sincere thanks to Jayalalithaa ji for being with us.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.