Happy Birthday To Asha Bhosle – Melody and Harmony Of Bollywood

Melody Queen-Asha-Bhosle
Melody Queen-Asha-Bhosle

Bollywood’s famous singer. Her voice is the life of Bollywood.

This divine singing sensation had her birthday today lets pray she lives for more years and fills Bollywood with her Melody.

She was Born in the year 1933 at Sangli, India.

Her sun sign is Virgo and she is now 83 years old.

Known as Ashaji, she is a Bollywood playback singer who has contributed music to more than one thousand films, including Mai


She and her sister both took up singing and dancing to help the family make ends meet.

She set a Guinness Record for having the most recorded music ever.

She had a friendly sibling rivalry going with her sister and fellow singer Lata Mangeshkar. She was married to Rahul Dev Burman from 1980 until 1994.
She has worked with composer A.R. Rahman

Watch her Famous Bollywood hit ‘Hungama Ho Gaya’