Three Influential Women Launch One Powerful Film

Screen Grab Of Mia by Tanishq
Screen Grab Of Mia by Tanishq


When Nandita Das (Actor and Director), Sairee Chahal (Entrepreneur and Founder at SHEROES) and Virginia Sharma (Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India) came together it perhaps became for the very first time that a fem-trio had done so to launch a brand promo-film, certainly not the least for Tanishq and usual industry-wide practise.

The said film: Mia by Tanishq. It was not just any commercial launch, more like a movement.  Aptly so as this film celebrates modern ideology of being of woman in general and working woman in particular – one producing great work and capable of looking good.


 The film narrated via powerful rap captures instances from the workplaces and homes of six women. They vary in their professions and personalities, but yet, face similar situations every day. It attempts to show how none of the small-talk towards women at work, seems to matter to them. They are here for one thing and one thing alone; to bring their best to work, while reiterating how each incident is the ‘last thing on my mind. The film showcases driven, ambitious, strong women who bring their best not only in the way they work, but in the way they look at work too.

“And how they sit and smirk / That if a girl looks good, / She’s probably not good at her work. / It’s the last thing on my mind.” – goes the lines.

Last heard it was trending, so go watch at:

And contemplate.