GoingWild presents an unique Exhibition at ICCR,Kolkata on Wildlife Photography in Presence of “Feluda” Sabyasanchi Chakraborty

GoingWild - Wildlife Photo Exhibition
GoingWild - Wildlife Photo Exhibition

“A Camera for a tour is well heard of.But a tour for a camera?Who does that?It must be just the dream-weavers of ‘Going Wild’!They take from your zeal to explore Mother nature and convert it pictographically . ‘GoingWild’ is a tourism company but with one difference. They take you to the heart of the wilderness and not to exotic holiday spots, where they carefully hone your artistic eye for photography. Goingwild LLP is a platform created by three friends Soumyajit Nandy, Dibyendu Ash & Tamanud Mitra residing in Kolkata who believed in taking the camera to express their emotions on and about the Wildlife through their lenses.They take you on a wildlife photography escapade.

Exhibition stated with the auspicious presence of “The Wildman” of Tollywood none other than Feluda Sabyasanchi Chakraborty , Eminent Artist and Photographers. The occasion was inaugarated by Sr.Sabayasachi Chakrabarty, a well known Bengali film actor and a wildlife photographer too. Among many eminent personalities Professors of Kingston School of Management & Science were also present as viewers of the event who told that this kind of Nature and Eco awareness program is a must for the students across the country. They also invited Mr. Chakraborty to be as guest of Kingston at the year end program.

The GoWilder’s Exhibition is the coming together of tourist from the team of GoingWild LLP Tour who will  Showcase a Kaleidescope of photographs of a plethora of fascinating art in hue of nature and wildlife photographer too.Four of his wonderful wildlife photographs are an exceptional piece taken from different Jungles & Sanctuaries.

He says ‘ That animals can be shooted but by a camera not by a gun.’

The Going Wilder’s exhibition will be hel on 15th september 2016 to 17th September 2016 at Abanindranath Tagore Galley-ICCR located at 9A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata- 700071.

Photographs of speicies like Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Indian Rhino, Himalayan Monal, Siberian Weasel, Black-necked Crane and many others will grace the event.

Participant’s name:-

  • Sabyasachi Chakrabarty
  • Abir Chatterjee
  • Anirban Chakrabarti
  • Arijit Sen
  • Basanta Behura
  • Deepa Javdekar
  • Dwaipayan Chaudhuri
  • Hirak Majumdar
  • Joybroto Dass
  • Kaustav Banerjee
  • Mainak Ray
  • Manoj Dhawan
  • Mehul Patel
  • Mihir Swain
  • Pramod Dhal
  • Parthosarothi Dutta
  • Maj.Rahul Roychaudhari
  • Ranjan Dash
  • Ravi Muthuswamy
  • Ritesh Patnaik
  • Dr.Sandip Chatterjee
  • Sundeep Perisepalli
  • Brig.Sarbjit Randhawa
  • Vamsi Kuchimanchi

Photo By Suman Munshi