Say Ni Hao To Bao At Nyonyang



With healthy eating on the rise, dim sums, momos, wontons, sui mais – dumplings all – have widened their fan base. But most acquaintance is made with either common variety. But most acquaintance is made with common variety. There’s also an exquisite side to these dumplings and then there’s Bao. The Dumpling Story is on at Nyonyang, Park Plaza, till this September 25.

During the session Executive Chef, Jayanta Banerjee, led a live demonstration of stir fries while letting us know that dumplings are famous traditional Northern Chinese cuisine and have eventually become popular in the Southern parts. Dumplings are generally crescent shaped, soft and stuffed with choice of fillings. They can be fried, steamed, cooked in boiling water, served in or with sauce.

The menu holds both veggie and non-veggie variants of stir-fries and dim sums. Veggie choices comprise water bean-curd, chestnut, shitake mushrooms, exotic vegetables – pakchoy, asparagus, broccoli, American corn and such. Protein comes as sea-food, chicken, lamb, prawn, pork ribs and such.

Lest you think they are all savory in nature, honey glazed banana dim sums will be a pleasant surprise.

Price for combo offer: 900 INR.