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Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya explains her designs to Riddhi Bandyopadhyay
Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya explains her designs to Riddhi Bandyopadhyay


It was a fortuitous happenstance that led fashion designer Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya to ponder on her own enterprise, Couture Mahamaya Krbs Pvt Ltd and eventually White Desert Mahamaya.

During her visit to Gujrat during Rann Utsav in 2014, she witnessed exploitation of artisans. In spite of formidable talent base their lack of direction in terms of education intrigued her.  Something needed to be done and something she surely did.

Now that something has resulted in Couture Mahamaya supporting more than 50 artisans from the villages of Padhdhar, Bhachau, Anjar, Lakhpat, Dhaneti, Dhori, Jikadi, Bhujod, Kutch, by providing them continuous remunerative employment, besides training them to understand the emerging trends , preserving and improving their skills, exposing them to exhibitions, supporting them to pursue literacy, vocational training, facilitating  their independence and fighting against social injustice and exploitation.

Now all of that effort was in display recently at an exhibition of a range of unique, hand embroidered saris, Dhotis, Kurtas, Kurtis, Skirts, Stoles, Gowns. The hand embroidery of

These sarees that take 4-12 months to weave were extremely varied, rich and versatile creating riot of colours.


All proceeds of sale from the exhibition would be put in to help fulfill immediate plans and challenges , which include reaching out to rural Bengal and work on fusion of skills / designs like Baluchur and  Kantha stitch in conjunction with Kutchhi designs –thus creating unique and exclusive offerings besides generating employment opportunities,  consolidating and expanding the existing artisan base and expanding academic support to an adjoining village from where they have received invitation to work with another 250 odd children.