Experience Brit-Bong Cuisine This Pujas At Floatel

Floatel Pujas Menu Launch by (l-r) Pranati Tagore, Devajit Bandyopadhyay, Riddhi Bandyoapadhyay, Biplab Dasgupta.
Floatel Pujas Menu Launch by (l-r) Pranati Tagore, Devajit Bandyopadhyay, Riddhi Bandyoapadhyay, Biplab Dasgupta.

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Signature Bengali festivities brings in its share of usual food festivals but the one at Floatel is well though through with adequate research, not to speak of its splendid reverie ambiance. Being a unique ‘anchored’ hotel, it receives its fair share of native and foreign patrons and so median of offerings for this festival was made to rest quite cleverly at anglicized cuisine culture prevalent with babus like Chatoo Babu and Latu Babu of Sovabazar, Raja Rajendra Mullick of Chorbagan,  Raja Nobokrishno Dev of Sovabazar, Raibahadur  Raja Rajendra Mullick,  Khelat Chandra Ghosh of Pathuria Ghata Rajbari, Rajendra Mullick, Kali Prasanna Singha of Singhi Bagan, Ramchandra Sil and others,

The recipes that were diligently and meticulously collected are put into able practice by Israfil khan, Executive Chef. The tasting session held its promise with the chicken and pointed gourd stuffed with cottage cheese, emerging clear winners. The salt-control on the chicken and the sour finish of latter brought about by hung curd, quite unlike local preference, was remarkable. Fault lines surfaced with the fish – beautifully cooked evidenced from clear lines of flakes but the cumin infusion during marination asserted rather strongly. Though wrongly named as custard, the pudding ate well.

“Besides the fantastic fare we also have a plethora of benifit-combos for those who wishes to stay with us and engage with the festivities”, mentioned, Subha Pal, Director, Floatel.

Dates-                                  October 7 – 11, 2016.                                            Venue-                                 The Bridge.                                                Timing-                                12.00 noon to 3.30 pm & 7.00 pm to 12.00 Mn        Options  –                             Buffet style & a la carte                                          Price per head-                      1299 INR + taxes.                                                                         {For child Below 5 years: 899 INR + taxes; Free for nfants}

The  Spread

Starter- Niromjoner Dimer Devil (Baboo Botto Kristo Paul of Sovabazar’s favorite with his British friends ), Chatu babur Chanar Cutlet –( The recipee has been shared by the family member of famous Baboo Anath Nath Dev and his two sons ,very famious native Jamindar brothers  Chatoo Babu and Latu Babu of Sovabazar.

Fish- Thakur Barir sorse bhapa patoori (from the royal kitchen of Tagores at Jorasanko  ) , Sen babuder makho makho katlar kalia( the all time favourite delicacy from the Sens Mansion of Molonga polly (Bowbazar ) , Sen babuder makho makho katlar kalia Marble palacer golda malai (royal delicacy from the royal kitchen of Raja Rajendra Mullick of chorbagan) , Rai ginnir bhetkir dimond fry ( a special delicay from the house of Babu Badan Chandra Roy of kalootolla Rajbari during the feast with the British deligates of East India Company ) ) , Dorponaryan thakurer  priya posto dia ilisher tel jhal (from the famious kitchen of the babus of Tegore Castle at  Pathuriaghata )  , sorse bata chingri (a secreat recipee from the famous kitcen of Raja Nobokrishno Dev of Sovabazar ) .

Chicken- Jan bajarer Mothurbabur Kaju badam bata murgi (special dish served by Rani Rashmoni Dashi for his son in law Babu Mathur mohan ),Sahi Chicken chaanp la jawab ( a secreat lakhnoiee  recipe occasionally served by Nawab  Wajed ali sha to his dearest friend Raibahadur  Raja Rajendra Mullick)

Mutton- Pathuria ghatatar panthar Kalia ( The first choice of Babu Khelat Chandra Ghosh of Pathuria Ghata Rajbari ,when he used to serve Warren hestings at his Royal mansion of Pathuriaghata during Pooja days )

Vegetables- Gaach Panthar Kossa Jhal (Lord Clive was surprised after trying  this vegetarian delicacy during his invitation at Sovabazar Rajbari ,hosted by Raibahadur Raja Nabo Krishna Dev during the Durga pooja Days ),Kaanch kolar cutlet ( The Famous Mutty Lal Sil and his closest friend Raibahadoor Baboo Rajendra Mullick ,used to serve this delicacy ,during any religious occasion at their Mansions ), Singhi  Barir Kumro aloor Chokka (From the lavish kitchen of baboo Kali Prasanna Singha of Singhi Bagan ).

Rice-Kajoo bahari gorom makhan Bhog ( a very special rice delicacy , served during the pooja days at the royal Mansion Of Babu Ramchandra Sil ,the first personal secratory of Governer General Warren Hestings and Hestings use to come to his place at list once in Pooja Days ,to relish this delicacy )

Breads-Lakhi Ghier phoolko Loochi

Sweets- Paka Amer Mithai-( Personal favorite of the Confectioners Bhim Chandra Naag ),Bhola Moirar Monohara Darbesh,Lady ginii ( innovated and presented by famous Bengali sweet makers Girish Chandra Ghosh and Nukur Chandra Nandi on the Birthday celebration of Lady Canning at Mansion of Prince Dwarakanath Tagore, Jorasanko ), Rabri Chencha Rasogolla.