Release Of Amar Chokher Ghare By Chandrima Bhattacharya



Festive season or not .. nostalgic resides in every fold of Bengal’s cultural memory lane. Now Joy Sarkar & Srijato is set to encash the hackneyed sentiment to profit from it.

Six-song album, ‘Amar Chokher Ghare’ (INRECO), exploits Bengal flavours – romantic city lanes infusing them with tribal beats.

Story of a girl as seen from the broken mirror glass pieces, “Ekta Din”, describes the pain of displaced soul, longing to come together again on a special day; “Bristi Din”, is the story of the heart pleading fervently for answers to the many unanswered calls on a rain soaked day; “Ekta Bikel”, is the story of the dreamer, who in state of euphoria of rapturous joy, on meeting the lover on a romantic sun kissed evening; “Sokal Theke”, is a funfilled song where the mind goes out on a picnic mood on a outdoor winter morning and last song “Katle Ghuri” is a song of childhood fascination for the girl next door, who steals out some time amidst the Harmonium lessons for her old pal.

Chandrima Bhattacharya, classically trained under Dr Manjulika Hazarika of Lucknow Gharana and Dr Prabal Sarma of Gwalior Gharana of Assam, is an AIR-listed Bhajan singer. She gained her masters in music from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh in Hindustani Classical music and continued her training under Bidushi Smt Shipra and from Shri Goutam Ghosal.