Love Ashram – A Film That Says Humanity Is Above All Releases This October 7

Music Being Released Announcement of Love Asram
Music Being Released Announcement of Love Asram

Kolkata| oct 7

There may be six big-ticket releases this pujas but Subham Das’ latest Bengali film – his second directorial venture after Sabdhan (2013) – Love Ashram, perhaps is most apt.

It talks about fellow-feeling, unity, harmony and real integration of humans in society irrespective of cast creed and above all religion. This film shows all three major religions – Hindu, Muslim and Christians co-existing side by side. This perhaps is the first film that where there’s a joint cemetery for both Hindus and Muslims.

So when we see what is happening around us – specially this Hindu-Muslim divide, only Love Ashram addresses such problems.

Though this three Hero–three Heroine film is going to be released after 2 years of struggle and in spite of box-office fight, Subham said” In fact the pujas is the right time for this film because during this period everyone irrespective of their personal background comes together to celebrate in unity and that’s what the film is all about”.

Love Ashram had its fair share of niggles with the censor board. “There were no lurid or provocative scenes but still censor’s demanded ‘cuts’. We complied – what to do!” said the director.

Story Synopsis-

Manasi, Manab’s girlfriend is unable to decipher her boyfriend’s true religion as she sees him enter both a temple and a mosque. She also eventually learns about Subrata and Abdul’s – both from Manab’s village – friendship and that their wards – Saurav and Sonia respectively had to flee to marry. During one calamitous hour one of Saurav’s acquaintances, Rajesh, decides to help in lieu of transgression on his wife. Incidentally, Rajesh makes them accept this love child and advises to settle in another village but when there both the Hindus and Muslims band together to murder the couple. Then Rajesh takes the orphan boy to a church and both seek shelter there.

The story prompts Manasi to take Manab to show him the facility where people of all religions co-exist peacefully. Here no one has any extraneous stamp, save that they are all humans.

The film will release in 15 halls at once at Bongaon, Bardhaman, Nadia, Hoogly, Haldia, Panskura amongst others.


Film – Love Ashram

Production House – Tara Maa Motion Pictures

Story, Script, Dialogue and Direction – Subham Das

Camera – Saurav

Music – Som Somen

Editor – Santanu

Heroes (1, 2, 3 respectively) – Arko, Arpan and Samir

Heroines (1, 2, 3 respectively) – Sathi, Sabarni and Jharna

Others – Anamika Saha, Bhaskar Banerjee, Sumit Ganguly, Sanghamitra Banerjee,               Ramen RoyChoudhuri, Bodhisattava majumder, Debraj Ray, Suvam.