Euro Podcast Airs Interview Update with Super PAC Man Cary Peterson About Going Green

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World Politics

UPDATE: New World Order Politics Host David De’Livera airs part 4 of an exclusive interview with American lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson about his business endeavors to ‘go green’

MADRID, Oct. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Last month an exclusive podcast interview with New World Order Politics and an American lobby solicitor, also known as the ‘Super PAC Man’ aired on social media, discussing popular topics in question as his current legal matters in New Jersey from a past Wall Street investment into a micro-cap company linked to an attorney recently charged by federal authorities with securities fraud, a relationship with government officials in Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, a super PAC that was supporting Bernie Sanders for U.S. president in connection with a generous donation from James Bond actor Daniel Craig, delegations for medical cannabis legalization in U.S. territories, and a ‘go-green’ organization that was created to give job opportunities to military veterans returning from the Middle East.

Part four of the interview with Cary Lee Peterson (36) steer toward the history of how the prior chain of events came about, leading up until now. Peterson is asked ‘how the green company concept began’ back in 2008 when he was working for an investment group in Arizona and discovered a small business that produced a fuel saving device for vehicles.

Peterson tells about his personal and business confrontation with his former business mentor that forced him to emerge from a would-be micro-cap success that transitioned into a new green technology venture in Australia that would be named ‘ECCO2’- a unique brand that would become a flagship for Peterson’s green industry motives for the U.S. stock exchange and United Nations in the upcoming years.

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