Mamata condemn communal terrorism in recent days across country and state of West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee
Mamata Banerjee

During the festive month West Bengal reported many unconfirmed report of violence and communal discourse in many parts of West Bengal and which gone viral in social nets.

Many reported that even media was not allowed to be present to cover the same. But none of the incident was reported officially as a trouble some act. It lead to the feeling that real pain of people went unheard of in front of the administration.

Lots of confusion and misleading reports of facts and figures were floating around in popular social nets.

Finaly Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee broke her silence on the recent communal clashes across the state on social media on Monday.

In her tweet she told “We condemn terrorism as a threat to peace, stability, prosperity. We equally condemn communal terrorism that is more dangerous than anything,” .

During the press briefing earlier in the day, Chief Secretary Basudeb Bhattacharjee, had defined the clashes as “a few stray incidents” which had happened due to “personal rivalry”, while alleging that one or two media houses had published “distorted reports” in relation to the incidents. He warned that the state would take legal action against such publishing houses.

However many journalist group online reported with pictures that some small incidents were actually not so small. But police was able to put of the fire before it could have taken a shape of bush fire in the society.

We request all concern to stop hate and indulgence for such criminal acts in any form and maintain the peace and sanity of the brotherhood in the society.

Even it is reported that CM has instructed administration to control such issues with utmost strict law and order who ever is trying to disturb the state.