Abhishek Banerjee is better now, Mamata,President and PMO following with the Doctors

Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee

Abishek Banerjee now out of danger. Nephew of Mamata Banerjee and Young Leading face of TMC had and fatal accident yesterday while returning from a party meeting in Murshidabad. Near Singur a truck hit his car and completely destroyed the vehicle.

He has been taken to the South Kolkata Specialty Hospital and gone through major medical intervention with multiple stitches on the face. Narrowly saved his eyes with deep cut below the eye.

President of India and PM Narendra Modi Speaks To Mamata Banerjee To Enquire About Her Injured Nephew.

A medical team comprising of 14 doctors led by Dr. Anirban Neogi(eye specialist and surgeon). They told that the condition of Avishek is stable. No injury in his brain as per the report of CT SCAN and MRI. But the doctors are worried about his left eye. As because there is a deep cut injury under his eye. They have told that an eye surgeon, Medicine specialist, Neuro Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, plastic surgeon will observe his condition in a restless manner through 72 hrs. But in a nutshell he is stable and out of danger.

Partymen and the fans of Mamata Banerjee from all walks of life wishing quick recovery of Abhishek.