Ranger Aerospace Announced as Finalist in 3 Categories for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

ACL AirShop is a global leader in air cargo products and services. For more information visit www.aclairshop.com
ACL AirShop is a global leader in air cargo products and services. For more information visit www.aclairshop.com

GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ranger Aerospace, a private equity consolidator and management holding company specialized in aviation deals since 1997, today announced that it has been named a finalist in 3 award categories, including M&A Middle Market Deal of the Year, by The M&A Advisor. The three award nominations are for Ranger’s acquisition of ACL Airshop, a worldwide company headquartered in South Carolina, and with service operations at more than 30 of the world’s top fifty air cargo hub airports. Ranger Aerospace and its several institutional private equity co-investors acquired majority interest in ACL Airshop in February 2016. This deal was also named a finalist for two additional awards for “Industrials” deals and “Private Equity” deals in the middle market size range. The holding company for this acquisition is Ranger Airshop Holdings, Inc.

In past ventures, Ranger Aerospace won similar awards for Deal of the Year in 2009, and Deal of the Decade in 2011 (for the decade ending 2010). Ranger’s own divestiture of Ranger International Services Group won 3 Deal of the Year awards in 2012 for the sale of that multi-faceted technical services company to a large engineering company.

“We are honored to again be recognized as finalists for a variety of awards by The M&A Advisor.  The talented teams of ACL Airshop and Ranger Aerospace are intent on achieving accelerated growth in the coming years. In just the 8 fast months since the deal closed, we have already opened 4 new international service sites at major air hubs and enhanced 3 existing stations, while implementing Lean initiatives in the manufacturing operations,” said Steve Townes, Ranger Aerospace founder and CEO of Ranger Airshop Holdings.  “We seek to at least double ACL Airshop’s service network in the next five years on behalf of its many airlines customers.”

Ranger’s plan is to enhance and expand ACL Airshop through strategic investments and organic growth, entering new lines of technical capacity, fostering deep and continuous operational improvements, expanding geographically, and possibly acquiring complementary companies.

This honor continues Ranger’s long history of excellence in the aerospace private equity field. Current Ranger ventures include two “growth platforms” with InTech Aerospace, a commercial airliners MRO company, operating as a separate holding in addition to ACL Airshop. Since its founding in early 1997, Ranger’s large-scale multi-year and multi-acquisition successes have included “ASIG“, Keystone Helicopter, Skytanking GmbH,  Composite Technology, Ranger International, the Keystone HeliPlex, and other noteworthy ventures. Ranger Aerospace has managed as many as 4,250 personnel at 56 airports, and has built three separate platform companies to over $100 Million revenues each thus far in its colorful 19-year history.

The winners for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards will be announced at a formal event on November 9, 2016, at the New York Athletic Club.  For more information, and for a detailed list of all of the Award Finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor awards, please visit www.maadvisor.com or contact The M&A Advisor at 212-951-1550.

About Ranger Aerospace
As a past winner of the “M&A Advisor” Deal of the Decade award for middle market sized deals in the decade ending 2010, Ranger Aerospace is an aviation-specialized private equity holding company that partners with institutional co-investors to acquire, grow, and positively transform aerospace services companies. Ranger was founded in March 1997.  Its founder, Steve Townes, an engineering graduate of West Point, remains Ranger’s CEO.  For more information, visit www.rangeraerospace.com.

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