K-krew Raps Kolkata with Hip Hop and Western Cultural Show

Boom - RUN 033
Boom - RUN 033

This hip hop event that was orchestrated by RUN033 events IBG NEWS was proud to be online media partner for this youth festival.

The organizers had a lot to say when asked how RUN 033 team finds motivation in pulling off these events. “Hip hop drives us. K-krew had been rapping since 2007 and they organized rooftop battles. I too had my own thing called the cpyherlogy . It’s only fair we joined and worked together for the scene. I know the K-twins from way back” said DJ valley. “I remember we were killing it on stage with Valentine in 2011 when he represented FT crew. He is the cities favorite battle DJ now. He DJ’ed in HOOD HOP, one of our first big events in 2013 as Run033 outfit, which had proper representation of all 5 elements of the culture.

Valley is a good friend and a run 033 soulja” said D$C of RUN 033 events who also repp’s K-krew. “We had literally just a week to sort everything out! We’re glad everything fell in place and we managed a bigger dance floor, better sounds and better lights.” Said bboy Daydream of RUN 033 who also killed it on the floor with sick breakin’ moves. “The Kolkata hip hop community is very tight knit! We just call everyone up, and they turn up to the venue without fail. It gives these kids a sense of belonging” added Bhive of K-krew who was emceeing as the host.

Be it dancing on the cypher mat, kicking rhymes and beat boxing on the mic or just spray painting the canvas, Boom Bloc 2nd edition witnessed it all.

The dance cyphers were crazy hyped up as there were more than 70 b-boys, poppers and all-stylers who were getting down. “The drinks keep their energy up, so we have enough cans for everyone” said a representative of REDBULL energy drinks. Boom Bloc also saw the launch of a fitness magazine “Love Thyself” which promotes healthy living .

“The energy is eccentric out here! Who’d have known Kolkata had such a vibrant underground community of artists” said Rahul, the main man behind the fitness zine. There were members of Kolkata Skateboarding community too who brought in their Oxelo boards and were seen flippin ollies.

Sinn of def Ink crew added, “We had many new faces in our beat kill session , like Kat Jr. who represented north cal, femcee frosty, who’s the only girl rapper from the city and Retro, a rapper from Darjeeling who came with his crew”.

There was a moment when the sound system had some glitches and the music was out. But the beatboxers took charge and kept the spirits high while the MCs just flipped freestyle rhymes to interact with the crowd.

Not everybody could soak in the vibes though. “I’m just busy minding the gate, collecting the entry and getting everyone stamped” said one-woman-army Sayantani. The guest list pages were officially filled till 250 till 6pm but we all know many more came flooding in after hours to enjoy the concert.

Besides “valley in the alley” there were 2 other DJs who supported console control. “I’ve been practicing on my Launchpad for about a year now” said DJ debo of CKN crew who was seen clearly having fun belting out ol’ skool tracks for the dancers. Selecta D$C of K-krew kept the party warm with a reggae 30 min set filled with dub and dance hall selections when the crowds started pouring in from 4pm.

BreakGuruz set the floor to fire with their showcase. “Some of our members aren’t in town. We came straight from a jam in Malaysia to find Kolkata has boom bloc 2nd edition poppin again” said Dimitri of CKN crew after their showcase. Jenny of the Calcutta Waack Fam pointed “Our all girls freestyle session was a lot of fun!” Her crew mate Raima added “Some of us just came back from FREEZE jam in B’lore to this home grown event.

Graffiti writer UziKid did a sick BOOM BLOC piece that soon turned into a selfie backdrop for many event goers. “Big shout out to RUN 033 clique, DJ Valley and K-krew” said Uzikid who represents Graff-Kol.
“It’s generous of the organizers to let the school kids in for free. They seldom get to see such gigs.” Said Mrs Elizabeth, a primary standard teacher of St. Georges School, which was the venue for the event. “I love movies like 8 mile and Beat Street so I took some other films from the organizers in my hard drive” said a school kid, as k-krew had over 40 documentaries on hip hop which anyone could cop for free who attended the run 033 jams.

The cameras went click click all through the evening. “Every dancer will pester me to click them their dps. I’ll wear a mask next time to hide” joked Anouska, who was part of a 4 member team of official photographers and videographers who covered Boom Bloc 2nd edition.

Mr Lahiri and superintendent Mr Das. from Bowbazaar P.S were there too. Both the cops loved that kids were doing something positive. “These type of creativity will keep the youth away from negative influence” they had to add.

All in all, Boom Bloc 2 was epic and we wish the team continues to bring more such events in the city.

Boom Bloc-2 By K-Krew
Boom Bloc-2 By K-Krew

Reported By :   Suryasis Ghosh (Raaj)