Astrologer Predicts an Ex First Lady will become First Lady President of America

Hillary Clinton - Democrates candidate
Hillary Clinton - Democrates candidate

The Indian Astrologer who predicted Obama Win last time has predicted again that this time Mrs.Hillary Clinton will be the next President of USA. An historic moment when America will get an Ex First Lady as their First Lady President at White House.

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton will be the only couple who will have the honour to be the President of The United States of America. A rare incident in the history where Ex President will enter as spouse of the new President.

Referring to the prediction he said Texas and Florida with South Dakota will be the decisive states for the final drama.

A neck and neck contest will rise the mercury for many as high Blood Pressure. But madam will fetch 300 plus seat like Obama.

Some area Trump will snatch from last democrats winning states but he will few key republican states as well.

Finally 54% will move Clinton way to secure her Win. USA must show the world that like UK,Bangladesh & Germany they also have strong female candidate who can rule the world.

Win of Clinton will ensure that women power is not at anyone’s mercy. Daughters are equal and have better skills some time.

Lets See how the things turns in to last minutes.