A Musical Soirée by ‘Sangeet Ashram’

A musical communication
Sarod recital by Pt Debojyoti Bose Tabla by Legendary Pt Kumar Bose

The eve of Children’s Day was celebrated with the monthly event of Sangeet Ashram, led by one of the legendary vocalists and most influential connoisseur of Indian Classical Music- Pt. Vijay Kichlu.

This organization has not only been organizing concerts but also has been a great social contributor to this fraternity. This concert, being no exception, also paid respect to two tabla Maestros Pt. Ananda Gopal Bandyopadhyay and Pt. Chandrabhan Mishra. The concert featured Pandit Debojyoti Bose in sarod and Pandit Kumar Bose on tabla.

They started with a traditional Alaap in Raag Puriya Kalyan, followed by a gat in Taal Pancham Sawari.  Though, being a Taal of odd number of 15 with abstruse divisions it was beautifully executed keeping the expression of the Raaga alive. Pandit Kumar Bose; with his charismatic illusions and pure traditional playing style embraced the ‘Makam’. Pt Debojyoti Bose’s Alaap was consisted of a deep stimulus of ‘Etwa Gharana’.  It gradually went on to Madhyala Teen Taal and Jhala with dextrous Taans. These Taans very amenably showcased his command over the three octaves. The inclusion of the ‘Ga’ of the higher octave turned out blissful. Apart from all, the brotherly bond was indeed glorious.

The next piece was in Raag Zila Kafi. He went on to recollect his reminiscent memories with his mother of learning this Bilambit Bandish. He exhibits his compassion for Maihar Gharana by exploring purposely the style through its uses of sympathetic strings, rhythm syncopations and most importantly the ‘Gayaki’.

Kumarji on reciprocating to it, churned his memories of this stylization that was accompanied by  his Guru Pandit Kishan Maharaj. He says the style Maharaj ji pursues while accompanying suits this style best. The application of Baya and the long dramatic Tihai’s ornamented this piece beautifully. Debojyotiji goes on to various bandishes of Raag Kafi in different gharanas to bring forward the experiments done in the history of time. His bandishes in Deepchandi and Drut Teentaal made a garland of different melodies all together.

He concluded his musical soiree with a bandish of Raag Swar Sameer in Jhaptaal.  This is a Raag created by his guru Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

Article by: Rohen Bose

Photograph by: Avishek Dey (Photo Journalist, IBG NEWS)