22 Historic Monuments for Maintenance and Restoration added Under ASI list

Badarpur Fort - Assam,India
Badarpur Fort - Assam,India

New Monuments for Maintenance and Restoration Under ASI

Archaeological Survey of India takes up survey for documenting/reporting ancient monuments/sites through exploration and village to village survey.  However, during the year 2016, no monument has been added in the list of protected monuments of national importance for maintenance and restoration.


After survey, 22 numbers of monuments (list is given below) have been identified to include under list of centrally protected monuments.  Conservation work of the protected monuments is a continuous process. The essential work of them is attended regularly as per the availability of resources including in Uttar Pradesh.




Sl.No Name of Monument State


1 Badarpur Fort, District Karimganj Assam
2 Rock Painting at Chintakunta Muddanur Mandal, District Y.S.R. Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
3 Ancient Site, Khirsara, District Kacchh Gujarat
4 Budhist Monastery at Lahaling District Lalaul and Spiti. Himachal Pradesh
5 Zimskhang Gongma along with village remains Jammu & Kashmir
6 Ancient Caves Saspol/Gon-Nila-Phuk Meditition Caves Saspol, Leh-Laadakh Jammu & Kashmir
7 Rock Art site Murgi, Leh-Laadakh Jammu & Kashmir
8 Trilochana Temple Jammu & Kashmir
9 Trisher Stupa along with adjusting remains and prehistoric site around Holy Lake (Slob Phan Rso), Leh-Laadakh Jammu & Kashmir
10 Navratana Garh Fort Jharkahand
11 Janardana Temple, District Thrissur Kerala
12 Vishnu Temple (Visnugudi) Nadavyal Sultanbatery Taluk, Wayanad, District Thrissur Kerala
13 Dhurabarao (Putalibarao) Maharashtra
14 Monument at Ranipur Jharial Odisha
15 Zawar, Zinc Protection Centre Rajasthan
16 The four Mughal Gardens Uttar Pradesh
17 Haveli of Agah Khan Uttar Pradesh
18 Haveli of Khan-i-Duran Uttar Pradesh
19 Hathi Khana Uttar Pradesh
20 Someshwar Mahadeva Temple Char, District Chitrakut. Uttar Pradesh
21 Ancient Brick Temple (Tundare Baba), Deokalia (Unchagaon) in District Sitapur. Uttar Pradesh
22 Sanauli Uttar Pradesh


This information was given by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (I/C) for Culture and Tourism in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.