Bengali New Year “Mongal Yatra” a Cultural reunion of Bengal – Kolkata gets the Feel of Dhaka at Bangladesh Deputy High Commission

Bengali New Year 1424 Opening Song- Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner
Bengali New Year 1424 Opening Song- Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner

World knows and Bengali Cherish their “Poila Boishakh” with Mongal Yatra a unique cultural procession organized by all Bengalis specially at Dhaka,Bangladesh.

But this is the first time Bangladesh Deputy High Commission at Kolkata organized a grand show of humanity,culture and friendship called “Mongal Yatra” means auspicious procession on the event of Bengali New Year.UNESCO committee recognized that the festival represents ‘solidarity and shared value for democracy, uniting people irrespective of cast, creed, religion, gender or age’.

This is a program known globally as a must visit sight at Ramna Park, Dhaka but Kolkata get the same feel not less than that of Dhaka this time.

Thanks to His Excellency Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh at Kolkata Md. Zokey Ahad and his entire team who left no stone upturned to make it a grand success.

All sorts of sweet dishes and nostalgic items like Bioscope, Suger Candy,Pitha,Payesh, Fish and other mouth watering dishes has been served to make you feel the taste of Bangladesh through your senses.

Boul to Rabindra Sangeet , Kids program to Group songs all forms of Art was on display.

Hence forth Bangladesh High Commission will celebrate every year this festival at Kolkata and else where in the world.