Press Club organizes workshop on Digital Journalism – The Sun rises after Seven Years of Fight in Digital Media

Digital Journalism - Press Club Kolkata
Digital Journalism - Press Club Kolkata

Press Club organizes workshop on Digital Journalism

History repeat herself an old saying but very much true to any context.

Seven years before in the same Kolkata Press Club I was standing and shouting to all that I am from a Web News Channel and please let me get the membership for the Press Club as a journalist. None listen to me and  few said only Print and TV are the media and treated as press. I had to return empty handed and full of heart with drop less tears.

Seven years after Press Club of Kolkata the most respected Press forum of the subcontinent and Public Relations Society of India (Kolkata chapter) organized a day-long workshop on “Digital Journalism” at the club premises on 20th May 2017. Life has come into a full circle at least for me and the people working with me at that point of time. Ironically Amit Chakraborty was also present today to attend the workshop.

AstroMinds,Third Eye Wonderlust, Chayasongi and The Kinderland four magazine were the martyr of this Digital Journalism Cruised, my four eMagazine who died and will jump back again like Phoenix in the world of Digital Media. Perhaps IBG NEWS was the first pure Web News media house from Kolkata science 2010.

Why I am talking of this old story because Digital Journalism history of Kolkata will not be complete without this story of paradigm shift.

We personally like to express our gratitude to present Press Club management,PRSI and associates to table such a wonderful session.

Mr.Snehasis Sur President of Press Club Kolkata who himself is a legendary name in the field of Journalism has vision and mission to make Kolkata Press Club an all-inclusive platform.

To keep pace with the time “Digital Journalism” is not a choice but must follow path for all either you have it or stay out of the game.
People attending the workshop found that the proceedings turned out to be informative, educative and useful to all who has very little and no knowledge about digital space specially the middle-level and senior journalists from print and electronic media methods got the feel of the new media.

There is no doubt that the future of journalism will focus more and more on the internet and social media platforms but basic rule of journalism will remain same medium of express will change with time.

One can already see the influence of the Web for sourcing information, developing news contents and disseminating to both general and specific audiences, pointed out Press Club president Snehasis Sur while welcoming the 100-odd participants.

Professionally qualified experienced representatives from digital companies like UrsDigitally and MaxMobility made it a perfect showcase of their skills, the workshop first drew a picture of the changing face of journalism in the wake of the digital explosion.
It is the age of “Millenial Generation” (decision-makers born after 1990) who will drive the world in to next level. Web based to Apps based mobile news is the demand of the market now; all major news organizations are dependent on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and increasingly popular sites like Flipboard and other content aggregating services, accessing news on the go.
But a word of caution about the negative impact of excessive or fake news cannot be overruled. A News from Kolkata can create crisis at California a News from London can destroy Lankan peace with in no time and that’s the power of digital media.

State Minister in charge of information technology and electronics, Prof. Bratyo Basu,
addressing the participants, said that while Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was keen to further boost IT in the state, the question to keep in mind was whether we were dominating the digital era or whether it was dominating us. “Nowadays, blogs can make every person a ‘journalist’, but most of it is stuck in the information stage, leaving the knowledge and application stages at back burner level”. He also declared that Press Club to get computers for working Journalist and Photo Journalist to connect to their office while at Press Club.

The Minister agreed to a request by Press Club secretary Kingshuk Pramanik for the
installation of a few latest generation computers for use by members as well as photographers to facilitate their day-to-day work.

We (IBG NEWS) raised the voice for accreditation of Web Media as mainstream media with the minister what he said is still under policy making.
Journalist from Kolkata Dhiman Chattopadhyay, also addressed the participants as a guest speaker.
He stressed the tendency of reporters to become “lazy, armchair journalists” who did not or could not go to the spot of news occurrence owing to the pressure of speed that digital journalism demands, where websites had to be constantly updated.
“The trick is to utilize the benefits of digital and, at the same time, make it reliable,” he added.
A great day at Press Club Kolkata for all kinds of media person made a mark of beginning of new era in Kolkata Press.