A walk for life,self respect and pride – Media moves for Media, Kolkata became epicentre of the movement

Press Michil Rabindra Sadan to Lalbazar - Manideepa Banerjee & Suman Munshi
Press Michil Rabindra Sadan to Lalbazar - Manideepa Banerjee & Suman Munshi


All Readers, Media Person and their Family members,

Dear Sir / Madam,

At first let me congratulate all of you citizens of India and even the global citizens who have felt sorry on the incident of Police Laathi Charge on Journalist and Media Persons and damage made to their Camera, equipment etc. by Kolkata police.

I am not an veteran in this media world nor I am a deceive factor to put carves on the foreheads of many but as a humble worker of media and press I have got few doubts and would like to share it with you.

  • Journalist were beaten up by police & Frontline media houses did not telecast the issue on the very face of it or just showed in a way that it is a very minor issue.
  • Many protested in social media in such a voice that they are ready to move to any level for justice but were not ready to walk on the street as if life outside social media is not an entity.
  • Some tried to influence the media movement in such a way that maximum revenue can be churned out of the act.
  • Permission for the movement was from Rabindra Sadan to Hazra More I myself and two other friends waited at Lalbazar till midnight to get the permission but some unknown factor made the destination shifted to Lalbazar, Hazra may be too hot in this summer to walk and Lalbazar has an Air Condition pre fitted for the walkers
  • I was surprised to see how the movement has been hijacked by the vested interest group and they all became frontline walker on the street during the michil
  • Suddenly Press Club and other organizations found it very important to organize a similar walk in the same cause hope all just came out of the deep hibernate condition to realize this is going to be another Singur in making or a Nandigram.

At first I am in complete agreement with the comment that we are not activist or political leaders. Yes we are journalist and media person but before that we are human and citizen of India.

Hence we must protect our country and constitution more than our own self-interest (Hope most of us will agree if not other hidden agenda is running). That holy book gives us the right to self-defence. (Refer to the self-defence act of Indian constitution IPC Section 96 to 106 of the penal code states the law relating to the right of private defence of person and property).
Now according to some of you, journalists are special breed and they must refrain from any protest or act for self-defence even if that is peaceful walk on the street.

Do you think a media person must wait and write the obituary of his fellow peer after watching the murder or rape live and should not even protest with bare minimum self-defence.

Shall we say pen is mightier than sword and see our own sisters; daughters are man handled in broad day light. Or we should wait for the right amount of incentive linked orders from right corners to come in.

Peace is paramount but I do not prefer peace of “Samshan” or graveyards hope none like it either. As long as the hot blood is flowing, we must register protest whenever it is required and in a language which people will understand for a change.

Writing poems and drawing pictures are not enough seating from an air-conditioned room, sometime sun bath is needed to feel that we are alive and not just earning a living as journalist even beggars earns a living (sorry but truth).

So referring to the song of Suman Chatterjee (Kabir Suman later) “Bondhu Cherecho to anek kichu purono obhesh…. Hal Cherona barong kantho charo jore”

Now some of the eye opener fact for the people like me who had a strong respect for the profession earlier that what news we get is actually in majority cases are what news we sale with our purchased conscious not all but surely in majority mainstream cases (this is my fundamental right to express my views others are welcome to protest but do pen down that if and only if you have not taken any benefit ever to bypass any truth for commercial reasons).

Every one including me was busy to see their face on camera just to be on the limelight and the real cause was a back bencher for most of us. I do apologies for me and on behalf of all those was busy for much required footage on the walk. Yes our hearts still beats but not for any revolution nor for anyone other than our own interest.

Police Commissioner requested for Press Jacket for safety or it is required to make an easy pickup next time. Dear CP Sir Press should not disclose their identity for any work to accomplish nor need they to disclose the source; why you need us to disclose our identity and take away the cutting edge of investigative journalism from us. Was that the latest instruction from any corner? CP sir Please think you need information and that too from us also to maintain law and order not to destroy the civilian rights.

I am sorry if I have hurt anyone but straight and simple common man protest need not be in any party line.to please any group or individual.

Dear friends from media please do not live in a fool’s paradise that we can manage anything and everything; at least do not create warmth by burning your own house in a winter night. Time has come to show our unity in right context.

Our special thanks to all media friends outside Kolkata who supported our movement for pride.

Once again thanks to all who walked with the protest march my 7 years old daughter and family also walked despite of my serious health problem just to say we are with you all and you all are my extended family.


Suman Munshi

Chief Editor IBG NEWS