Mamata’s 21st July Rally – A Pictorial example of mass leader of Bengal

Mamata 21st July Rally - Kolkata 21 July 2017 9
Mamata 21st July Rally - Kolkata 21 July 2017 9

Mamata Banerjee Chief Minister of West Bengal and Didi for all called for the 21st July rally in memory of all those lost life in 1993 during her rally. After 24 years many changes has been recorded in Bengal but the euphoria for Mamata is still on. 

We are not going to elaborate through words just see the mass joining in the rally through pictures send by our fellow reporter friends from the location at Esplanade.

BJP or the other political parties none have a face who can counter the mass leadership image of Mamata at this moment. The organization strength of TMC has been demonstrated on the ground today. So to set the target for 2019 Lok Sabha Modi and Amit Shah needs to do a solid home work to bring the Face for the people to stand behind. At this moment this is advantage Mamate Banerjee and TMC.

Picture Credit : Indrajit Mitra