“The Fallen Leaves” – A Ruceru way to accepting the new discarding the old


Ruceru as a brand always takes inspiration from Indian roots and try to create clothing which is more global in its approach. In this fall/winter collection Ruceru takes its inspiration from nature. “The Fallen Leaves” brings out the beauty of discarding the old and accepting the new. Collections revolves around the idea of growth and fall just like the season itself. The surface development techniques and the colour palette for the collection came from nature. With this theme Ruceru sticks to its identity for silhouette which is deconstruction of vintage draping styles of Indian woman, and making it more contemporary. 

Ruceru, the answer to a woman’s fashion needs, effectively blends progressive fashion with tradition, showcasing an array of garments varying from heavy bridal to luxury pret. Behind the creation of Ruceru lies the hard work and determination of the power-packed sister-duo Rashi Agarwal and Ruchi Roongta. Synonymous to its name – Ruceru, which is a Sanskrit word symbolizing “Shining”, opened their doors in Kolkata in 2010.

This flourishing fusion wear brand emphasizes wearability and quality craftsmanship to create statement pieces. The brand deconstructs the traditional drapes and applies creative surface development techniques to bring together a perfect blend of artistry and wearability. Ruceru creates fine drapes with beautiful and flattering cuts which accentuates the body but are feminine and classy at the same time. The brand creates feminine silhouettes with more organic draping techniques which provide a certain kind of ease and effortlessness to the whole ensemble.

The brand’s bridalwear does not follow the conventional three-piece rule. The designers challenge themselves to come up with an Indian couture which is close to the roots but is also contemporary and fashionable. The brand is distinguished by its motifs, unique usage of colours, quality fabrics, elaborate embroideries and prolific artistic taste. The duo’s shared experience in the advanced contemporary market enhances the ability in developing a designdriven collection using eclectic, bespoke textiles, modern silhouettes and sophisticated detailing. Raashi and Ruchi have always thrived to make outstanding futuristic cuts with placement embroideries, so much so that the draped ghagra became their statement cut and gained popularity.



Ruchi Roongta and Rashi Agarwal, the designer-duo sisters behind the brand Ruceru consider themselves privileged to grow up in a world where creativity was nurtured.
Since they were children, they were fascinated with the fashion industry, and would always notice how people dressed and accessorized. Their interest in fashion goes back to their childhood where they would play around in the presence of their mother and notice how she would indulge into buying different weaves and match vibrant colours and make beautiful garments and even decorative upholstery. One can safely say she imparted the knowledge and craze of following fashion. She even would design anarkalis and sarees which were bought by family, friends and neighbours.

Bitten by the fashion bug, Ruchi and Rashi pursued fashion courses from Global Institute of Fashion Design (GIFT) after finishing their schooling from La Martiniere for Girls. Their urge to collaborate and satisfy their creative minds pushed them to make a capsule collection of offbeat drapes and light wear tunics which was showcased in an upmarket exhibition in Kolkata.

Initially, they were very nervous but got an amazing response and by the end of the day were sold out. This was the biggest turning point in boosting their confidence and hence RUCERU took birth.

Ruceru, a brand launched in 2010, is a flourishing fusion wear brand based in Kolkata producing contemporary ensembles for the urbane woman. It emphasizes on wearability and quality craftsmanship to create statement pieces. Their signature style includes deconstruction of traditional drapes and creative surface development techniques, For Ruchi and Rashi, the one thing which works as their forte is the amalgamation of their varied design sense and always wanting to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Ruchi has a traditional taste in hand embroidery and vibrant colours with hand loom fabrics while on the other hand Rashi is more into cuts and drapes with surface techniques and quaint details which they try to work in their favour and pick the best of both worlds to make Ruceru grow and stick to its distinct identity.

Rashi loves travelling and indulging into global cuisine, she has a varied taste for different palettes and loves to experiment in food. She is also a fitness enthusiast. Meanwhile, Ruchi favours painting and applied arts, and likes to indulge in cultural movies, museums and collection handicrafts. The sisters believe that Ruceru is not just a fashion label but an extension of themselves. In a world that changes constantly, they are inspired by anything and everything, may it be a song, a colour or a texture. Avid globe trotters, the sisters love experiencing new cultures and meeting people from different walks of life.

These new experiences motivate them to create new designs, imbibing all that they witness in their travels.

Instilled with a deep well of knowledge and skills, Rashi and Ruchi are truly an enterprising duo with an eye for unique and remarkable designs, which would mesmerize one and all.