Legends of Bengali Film Soumitra & Prosenjit all set to create twister in Box Office with latest Film “Mayurakshi”

Mayurakshi Pic 3
Mayurakshi Pic 3

All Mughals are affectionate father but rebel as son. Yes the latest film from director Atanu Ghosh’s lab has created the artistic chemistry of a father and a son in all possible touch of life which we are missing at every stages of our modern lifestyle. NRI Son and retired Professor father with old age problems bringing them together with a finer feelings for each other.

Speaking to the occasion Bumba Da told that he had a feel of an environment that reminds of an international school on Film.

The starting of the program itself was a shocking entertainer for all. Legend Soumitra Chatterjee entering the stage from left with the dialog from the Film while Prosenjit Chatterjee replying from the right side of the stage.

A small act of five minutes set the mood as if we are inside the shooting and seeing it live.

From the teaser and Logo launch Indrani Halder,Gargee Roy Choudhury and Sudiptaa Chakraborty three Divas were excited to share their experience of working with two legends of Tollywood.     

No doubts that Soumitra and Prosenjit will justify the union of the Titans of Tollywood for a epic performance on screen as father and the Son but off screen respect for each other is not less than that of a father and son relation.

This December Friends Communication’s offer for the New Year will be definitely going to be another classic work of Atanu Ghosh.