Buenos Aires 2018 receives more than 290,000 bracelet requests for the Youth Olympic Pass

Youth Olympic Pass
Youth Olympic Pass

Buenos Aires 2018 receives more than 290,000 bracelet requests for the Youth Olympic Pass 

Buenos Aires, August 1. The Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee has processed requests for 290,173 Youth Olympic Pass bracelets presented by Samsung.

Registration was opened to the general public on July 31 at www.buenosaires2018.com. The Pass, which is free of charge, gives access to the four Youth Olympic Parks and stand alone venues at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

The bracelet contains a chip that will let spectators watch the best 4000 young athletes on the planet in action. They will also be able to participate in a true cultural party: there will be more than 1,200 activities to enjoy in the parks.  

So far, the registration requests include those from both public and private schools, in addition to the general public.  

The Parks and stadiums will have a limited capacity to ensure that the first Olympic celebration in Argentina is an unforgettable one. For that reason, a first come, first served system will be in place, giving priority to those who arrive at the venues first.  

The bracelets will be mandatory to access the Parks and stadiums. A system will be implemented for spectators from other parts of Argentina and abroad to pick up their Passes upon arrival in Buenos Aires.  

In the case of families, one person can register up to three other family members. For people living in Argentina or abroad, an authorised third party will also be allowed to pick up the Pass. 

Buenos Aires 2018 will be the first edition of an Olympic competition with gender equality. A total of 4000 athletes will compete in 32 sports with 286 sport sessions to watch.  Following an opening ceremony on October 6, sport competitions will kick off on October 7. 

In addition to the competitions, the Youth Olympic Park will also be the setting for a historic cultural celebration with 800 educational activities and 468 sport initiation sessions.  

About the Youth Olympic Games
The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is an international, multi-sport event for young athletes aged 15-18 with an educative and cultural nature that aims to foster the Olympic values in youth.

The event, which takes place every four years (in its two versions, winter and summer, that alternate every two years), is promoted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be held from October 6 -18 with the participation of 4000 athletes from 206 countries.

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