Youth Association of Md. Ali Park Celebrates Golden Jubilee with the Theme Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort)

“Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort)” theme of Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja
“Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort)” theme of Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja

Youth Association of Md. Ali Park Celebrates Golden Jubilee with the Theme Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort)

Kolkata, 7th October, 2018This year Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park with the conception ofPrasanta Pal brings forward an unimaginable theme Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort). Like most famous forts and palaces, Chittorgarh Fort is just as magical and associated with legends and myths of its own. The story ofPadmavati, who immolated herself to allegedly escape one of the most powerful rulers of the Khalji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, Allaudin Khilji, has made for interesting folklore and ballads. 

Padmavati was the queen of Chittor, a woman beautiful beyond words. Chittorgarh Fort is regarded as the symbol of Rajput chivalry, resistance and bravery.                                                                                         

Speaking to the media, Mr. Ashok OjhaJoint Secretary of Md. Ali Park Durga Puja said, “After the huge success of 49th year, the entire team of Youth Association of Md. Ali Park is fully charged up for Golden Jubileecelebration. We are looking forward to promote ‘The Rajasthani Culture‘ by showcasing this Years theme‘Padmavati (Chittorgarh Fort)‘. Our main goal is to set an example of unity in diversity by organizing Durga Puja at Md. Ali Park. This can only happen in India and every year we all strengthen our unity spirit by celebrating the puja of Maa Durga in a large scale.”

Year of Initiation: 1969

Artist: Prasanta Pal

Budget: 1.25 Crore  

Height of Mandap: 45 Feet

Key Persons: Manoj Kr. Poddar (Chairman) / Hemchand Jain (President) / Surendra Kr. Sharma (Secretary) / Ram Chandra Badopalia (Chief Patron) / Subhash Chandra Goenka (Treasurer) / Pramod Chandak (Working President) / Bijay Singh, Dulal Moitra (Vice President) / Pawan Kr. Bansal, Deoki Nandan Dhelia, Ashok Ojha, Sachin Sharma (Joint Secretary) / Bijay Shankar Pandey (Chief Organiser).

Youth Association of Md. Ali Park : One of the most popular Durga Pujas of Central Kolkata that one must visit is the Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja that is held every year and showcases magnificent architecture. The Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja Samity has won several awards in different categories and hence it is also considered as one of the prestigious Durga Puja in Kolkata which is organized by the Youth Association established in 1969. This is one of the most prestigious clubs of North & Central Kolkata.