IBG NEWS proud to associate with Bangalore based Social Group “Pother Daabi” for a Photography Contest for Social Cause

Pother Daabi & IBG NEWS Photo Contest
Pother Daabi & IBG NEWS Photo Contest

The lights of Festival! Dark shadows of uncertainty!

Our life encompasses umpteenth examples of such contradictions. So this festive season, Pother Daabi in collaboration with IBG News has organised a Photography contest: “Lights and Shadows”.

Pother Daabi is a Bangalore based Youth Organization, whose objective is to fight against all kinds of inequalities which are plaguing the society in the form of illiteracy, casteism and superstition. In this effort we have got the support of IBG News, with whom we are jointly organising the photography competition.

We primarily intend to make our viewers realise how gloom of darkness hides within lights of celebration in this season of festivity, light is finally nothing but acute absence of darkness.

To send us your photographs, please inbox us in the following link.


Rules & Regulations:

All participants have to inbox their photographs in the official page of Pother Daabi.
🔸Photographs received within 18:00, will be posted by 21:00-22:00, same day. Pictures received within 18:01 to 17:59 of next day, will be
next day. Participants are requested to check the timeline before posting.
🔸Only Cropping and Straightening the photograph is allowed. No other editing will be done in the photograph.
🔸Each participant can send maximum 3 entries. After that photographs will be discarded.
🔸All participants are requested to note that this is a Facebook competition only. We are not doing any offline exhibition.
🔸Winners will be decided based on number of likes in a particular post in Pother Daabi’s Official page.
🔸All participants are requested to share the photographs as much as possible to increase their chances of winning.
🔸Judges decision on the relevancy of the theme is final.
🔸It is understood that participants are sending their original and unpublished entries to us. We will have to discard participant’s candidature if any claim of copyright from other person/organisation comes.
🔸By sending the entries to Pother Daabi’s official FB page, participants are granting permission to Pother Daabi and IBG News to post their photographs in online/social media. Copyright claims will be with the participants but Pother Daabi and IBG News can use those photographs in future for any purposes.
🔸It is understood that participants have agreed to all the above terms and conditions and sending their entries in Pother Daabi’s page is the proof of their consent.