Indo China Friendship at Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja

Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja with China Cultural Events
Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja with China Cultural Events

West Bengal Governor HE Shri Keshrinath Tripathi and HE Maa Zhanwu Chinese Counsal General at Kolkata made it a grand inauguration of Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja 2018.

A grand celebration of Chinese cultural program will be played during this festival to show the cultural heritage of one great nation on another’s great festival.

Details of the Program

1、Golden Peacock, Dai Nationality Group Dance , by 10 dancers

The peacock is a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness of Dai people. Its graceful elegance makes people long for the beauty of the southwest area and the purity of the land. The flying peacock is a symbol of the positive attitude of Dai family and their passionate pursuit of a happy life.

2、The Jasmine Flower , Guzheng solo by Ms. Qianying, a national first-level actress
Jasmine flower is a Chinese folk song, expressing white, fragrant noble feelings. It was performed at the handover ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to China, the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. It has a high reputation in China and all over the world, even is widely praised in China even the world. It is one of the representative elements of Chinese culture. Next, please welcome Ms. Qian Ying, the Chinese national first-level actress, to play “jasmine flower” with guzheng. We hope our friends in India could feel the zest of Chinese Jasmine Flower.

The Song Of Laci , Musical instrument ensemble by Ms. Qian Ying Mr. Yan Zailun and Mr. Bo Hanbing

“The raz song” is a song from an old Indian film, “the wanderer.” Next, let’s welcome Ms. Qian Ying with Mr. Yan Zailun and Mr. Bo Hanbing to play this memorable melody!
3、Traditional Martial Arts & elephant-foot drum dance of Dai Nationality by Mr. Bo Wenwang and Mr. Bo Hanbing

China is a multi-ethnic country with 56 nationalities, and Dai nationality is one of them. Deriving the essence from the expressions of birds and animals, the mountains and forests, Dai people has created the martial arts of the Dai nationality, which has the nature of entertainment and the function of fitness and defense. Therefore, Dai Martial Arts also has a good name of “phoenix boxing”. Dai Martial Arts is another highlight of Dai folk sports.
In the past, there was a saying among the Dai people that men should do three things: to learn culture as a monk, to get a tattoo to ward off evil spirits, and to practice martial arts to strengthen the body. So learning martial arts is necessary for every man of Dai nationality. Elephant foot drum kicking is one of the forms of practice. Today, we are honored to invite Mr. Bo Wenwang and Mr. Bo Hanbing, the inheritors of Dai Traditional Martial Arts and elephant foot drum, Let’s welcome them to give everyone wonderful performances !
4、Moonlight Romance, Double Acrobatics by Mr.Yang Shuang and Ms. Yang Huiqian

Now, we’re going to give you an acrobatic performance. The acrobats are shown the perfect skills, filled with energy and the strength. This program combines the skills and beauty of dance and gymnastics, which can reach the limit to the human body. The combination of men and women is an innovation in acrobatic performance, which will be the perfect show of power and beauty!

Invited by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture, this program has been performed in many countries, such as Burma, Zambia, Namibia and so on, which has gained highly praised and warmly welcomed among the local audiences.

5、Golden nails dance, the palace dance of Dai Nationality by 10 dancers.
The golden nails dance is a folk dance of Dai people. It was originally to be men’s dance, wearing bamboo nails. Then, it was performed by women, and wearing golden nails instead. The women will dance in the palace for the national banquet and welcome the national guests. The dance is beautiful and deliberate. It was worth watching. Welcome!

6、Chinese Song The Most beautiful Ashima (a heroine Chinese music feature film) by Ms Jin Mei , a national first-level actress Like India, China is a multi-ethnic country. The Chinese music feature film “Ashima” has brought a nationality with a unique culture to the world, and also let the world pay attention to this nationality – the Yi people. Ashima is the heroine in the movie, who is beautiful , intelligent, hardworking and brave. Her singing is very famous ! Next, please welcome the Chinese national first-level actress, the young singer of the Yi nationality, Ms. Jin Mei, to sing the song named “The Most Beautiful Ashima” for everyone.

Indian Song 《Vande Mataram》

Next by Ms. Jin Mei is a classic Indian song named 《Vande Mataram》. Let’s enjoy this classical song!

7、Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom —Turning Blanket, Acrobatics
In the beautiful Yunnan province of China, a group of pretty Chinese girls work so hard to better perform the classic vision of beauty, which has been performed to be acrobatic skills named turning blanket . It will show you rich Chinese classical cultural elements and profound traditional oriental culture. We hope this performance will bring you a fresh breeze of Chinese culture, which is showing its best in nowadays.

8、Hani Nationality Dance, Happy Hani
The golden bamboo tube on Mount Hani is to knock the round sun. The red bonfire on Mount Rainy is to splash the golden stars!My dear friends, singing , dancing! AiNi girls are dancing happily with bursts of bells.

9、The Beautiful Golden Peacock & The Love Song of Dai Village, Played by Hulusi (Cucurbit Flute)
Hulusi is a unique musical instrument of Yunnan ethnic minorities. Its tone is unique and beautiful, its appearance is elegant, easy to learn and carry. It is loved by many music lovers, Chinese and foreign tourists. Today, we are also honored to invite the Hulusi’s inheritor Mr. Yan Zailun from Yunnan, China . He will play the famous melodies called “The Beautiful Golden Peacock” and “The Love for Dai Village”.

10、Good Days, Bulang playing and singing performed by Yu Zhangying and 10 dancers
A sound may enchant your heart; a culture may represent the soul of a nationality. In Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China, Bulang’s playing and singing is widely spread. Its art is fruitful, whose melodious melody is like a breeze blowing, bringing people into the wonderful realm of the river, birds and flowers. “This song should only be in the sky”, it is the praise of everyone for Bulang playing and singing!