XLN Media Solutions enters Poker Market with Kolkata Kings


XLN Media Solutions enters Poker Market with Kolkata Kings

Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua becomes brand ambassador of Kolkata Kings

  • XLN Media Solutions heads Team Kolkata Kings
  • Kolkata Kings aims to capture and change the perception of Generation X towards this mind sport
  • Kunal Gupta is the Owner of Poker Sports League’s Kolkata Team titled “Kolkata Kings”
  • Kolkata Kings signs the Chess legend as their Brand Ambassador
  • Kolkata Kings is promoting poker and helping to establish the game as a mind sport and game of skill across the country
  • Kolkata Kings targets to be one of the biggest premier franchises of the Poker Sports League in coming years
  • Poker industry estimated at $ 120 million in the year 2016
  • Poker industry in India is expanding exponentially
  • Kolkata is the next big poker hub. As per the jurisdiction of West Bengal Govt. poker is considered as a game of skill & hence it is legal to play poker or even take it as a profession.
  • Vishwanathan Anand is the Brand Ambassador of Poker Sports League

Kolkata: XLN Media Solutions, one of the leading online gaming solutions brand has ventured into Poker Industry with Team Kolkata Kings. The Company is associated with skill development and aims to become one of the best in promoting Poker as a skill and mind sport. An interactive session with Mr Kunal Gupta, Founder & Chairman Met Technologies Group & Owner of Team Kolkata Kings, was organized in Kolkata. The interaction aimed at promoting the game in India and inspiring more players to play and enjoy the sport. With the focus on the coming generation, Kolkata Kings (www.kolkatakings.com) is promoting poker and helping to establish the game as a professional sport and game of skill across the country.

Kolkata Kings
Kolkata Kings

Mr Kunal Gupta said, “Poker has maintained its popularity because it has evolved with the time. Kolkata Kings aims to be a part of this evolution by providing a modern twist on traditional poker that we believe will be exciting to not only poker players, but to a broad spectrum of gamers as well. I want to help promote the game in India, and inspire more players to play and enjoy the sport. There is a poker boom and the Indian poker community is looking for a better tournament experience. With Kolkata Kings, we want the poker community to be exposed to international standards of poker with better structures & well-defined tournaments. “

Founded in 2018, Kolkata Kings is a franchise of Poker Sports League, based in the city of Kolkata, and is the best competitive poker team. Kolkata Kings aims to capture and change the perception of Generation X towards this mind sport. A powerful team of players including Sumit Asrani – Mentor/Captain, makes Kolkata Kings an invincible group. Players in Team Kolkata Kings are Raman Gujral, Anish Garg, Jagjot Singh Pangli, Rohan Arjun Singh, Sahil Agarwal, Samay Parikh, Vinayak Bajaj, Himanshu Arora and Sangeeth Mohan.

The poker industry in India is expanding exponentially where tournaments are generally popular among the players. Poker is one of the fastest rising mind sports in India these days. With the growing online and live poker sites, it looks like the Indian poker scene is getting better and grander increasingly. Metro cities such as Bangalore, Kolkata, have now started to welcome live poker and poker Tournaments. The ever growing number of players is a testament to the incredible popularity the sport has gained. Largely perceived as an intelligent sport, the educated, elite, and young audience have been enthusiastically taking part in the sport, which is a direct indication towards the inherent appeal it has in the country.

Talking about this association, Mr Kunal Gupta, Founder & Chairman Met Technologies Group& Owner of Kolkata Kings, said, “We are excited to have Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua as our Brand Ambassador as this will go a long way in improving the awareness of the game in the country. This will also help the audience relate more with poker as a skill based game at the same time. This association will improve the awareness about the game and I am very excited about it. Chess and poker are frequently compared as both games are based on strategic thinking and decision making. A chess game is broken up into an opening phase, the middle game and the endgame, often with blurred lines between each phase. Depending on your overall strength as a player, each part has varying levels of importance as to what is best to improve next. Similarly, the whole theory behind poker brings to light facts like, how to figure what the best plays would be in different sorts of situations. A lot of it involves reading the other players at the table. We are proud that Dibyendu Barua agreed to be our brand ambassador. It’s the biggest move ever towards changing the negative perception of poker in Kolkata.”

Speaking about the move on joining Kolkata Kings as a brand ambassador, Dibyendu Barua said, “I love playing poker and I’m really glad to be associated with Kolkata Kings!  It’s amazing to see the growing passion for the game in the city of joy and I would love to be a part of this journey. My association is an attempt to establish the fact that Poker, like the game of chess, is indeed a game of skill, which involves a lot of strategy & a defined skill set. I have played chess all my life and when I was introduced to poker I could instantly draw the parallels, which made me connect better with the game.”

Mr Barua added,” In the last couple of years, we have been observing a paradigm shift in people’s mind set for Poker as a sport. The zeal displayed by poker lovers has given rise to a lot of platforms which are not only encouraging the sport in India but also opening doors for youngsters who are keen to explore a career in the game. Like many other international universities, we also have Poker being taught as a course now in IIM (Kozhikode) to establish that it’s a game that’s played with skill”.

For more information, please contact: www.kolkatakings.com [email protected]